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TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot
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TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot
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Teton Sports
Teton Sports

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot



TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot - Finally, a cot sturdy enough for couples and large-framed people. The Outfitter XXL Cot holds several hundred pounds without sagging or bending. Though not exactly lightweight at 26 pounds, the cot is portable and comes in a durable carrying case with shoulder strap. The extra weight is well worth it for most car camping trips.

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TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot - Count on a sound sleep every night with the Outfitter XXL Cot. The sleeping area is bigger than a twin size mattress and supports up to 600 pounds without bowing or sagging. Rubber feet have been redesigned to provide better protection for tent floor, and the whole cot folds into a sturdy drawstring bag for carrying or stowing. Comfortable enough to use as a guest bed, especially when paired with the Outfitter XXL Camp Pad (not included).

  • Dimensions: 85" x 40" x 19"
  • Pack Weight: 26 lbs
  • Bed: Heavy-duty 600D Poly Canvas
  • Frame: Aluminum top surround
  • Legs: Steel Leg Assembly
  • Storage: Oxford with Drawstring Closure
  • Color: Black

Scott of Casper, WY - August, 15 2015:

The cot seemed to be well made, but I returned it. It was too big for my use.

Glenn of Moab, UT - August, 10 2015:

Got tried of sleeping on the ground with an air mattress so I thought I would try a cot. I'm 6'3 and opted for this large cot. It is very comfortable and strong. I really liked the design feature of the rubber bumpers on the leg axis. The only issue I have had with it is that the rivets that secure the leg axis came apart and I had to use screws to re-secure the bumpers to the legs and thus the 3 star rating. I always prefer shopping at Sportsman's Warehouse for its selection, quality, and price.

Skip of Littleton, CO - December, 08 2011:

I am a 6' 4" 320 lb guy and have owned this cot for 5 years and use it many times every year when I go camping and I love this cot. Sturdy, strong and durable!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie of Lynnwood, CO - March, 02 2011:

It's huge! But I love it. It is very sturdy and doesn't rock back and forth when moving around like many of the others do. Thanks!

Joel of Idaho Falls, ID - May, 03 2011:

Very sturdy cot. When away from home hunting or camping a good night sleep is very important to me and this cot was wonderful. I am not a very big guy so I felt like I was at home in my bed. Great cot!

Bobby of Sacramento, CA - October, 18 2012:

This cot is amazing. Not only is it huge, but it is very sturdy as well. When you add the Outfitter camp pad its like your sleeping on your bed at home, if you have a really nice and comfortable bed. I have never slept as good as I did while camping, then I did while on this cot. It is very easy to put together and to tear down and put away. It comes with a canvas bag with a handle and is pretty light for its size. I wouldn't be taking it backpacking, but if you are packing or driving to a location, it is definitely doable.

Bill of Twin Falls, ID - July, 16 2011:

Huge cot and very durable. Quick and easy set up. Have had no problems at all and very pleased with the cot so far!

Kelly of Riverton, UT - June, 21 2011:

I own two of these cots and love them. I am tall and weigh a lot and never had any problems sleeping on this cot. It is easier to set up then older models I had and easy to take down. Very durable and large cot. These things are worth the money and nothing really beats them for tent camping.

Justin of Palmer, AK - July, 14 2011:

This is by far the strongest cot I've ever seen, with a rated carry capacity of 500LBs. 500! You don't have to worry about it breaking if you have a lot of gear with you and you decide to sit down after a long day of hunting. It'll take the abuse in stride. It's a bit wide, so make sure you have room for it in the tent, but otherwise it's fantastic.

Tom of Anniston, AL - February, 07 2013:

I bought the XXL Cot, Pad, and Teton Sports 0 degree bag and I waited till I used it to do this review, I am a really big guy and this met and went beyond what I excepted. Company slept on it and gave it great comments. Delivery was fast and I am now a fan of Teton Sports and Sportsman's Warehouse.

Harvey of Loveland, CO - June, 18 2011:

I am 6'6" and 300 lbs I love how big this cot is. But do not site on the end rail, It will bend like a twig. I have used it for 5 years on the range ride before finding this out.

Jeff of Tucson, AZ - November, 28 2011:

Pros: Long, wide, comfortable, strong, solid, quiet. Everything you buy this one for. Cons: a bit big and heavy when folded, as you'd expect. Unwieldy and even bigger during the unfolding process. Had trouble setting it up inside the tent as it is momentarily much longer as you unfold the legs. Can be difficult to assemble until you get the hang of it (read the instructions!) and the fabric stretches out a bit. Have used it twice and it's comfortable and roomy for us XXL guys.

JHart of Onancock, VA - June, 12 2014:

This is a good, heavy duty, man-sized cot. Keep in mind though that it is heavy and the large size makes it a bit cumbersome; however, it's worth it to have a good night's sleep. Add the perfect-fitting Teton pad and it is almost as good as a regular bed.

MDman1 of St. George, UT - November, 12 2015:

It's a littel heavy but worth the money

William of Erie, CO - February, 03 2013:

I love the size and height. It is very sturdy. A very good buy.

Jim of Medicine Lodge, KS - April, 25 2011:

I purchased two of these cots. They are solid with lots of room to change sleeping position. Built to last. Even my wife gets a good nights rest on this cot. Love them.

ryan of sandy, UT - February, 29 2012:

i bought this because i have a huge sleeping bag. im glad i chose this one. this is top quality. i think 2 people can fit on this! its huge! now i have to get a bigger tent...... thats the only downside

Brianna of Idaho Falls, ID - July, 31 2013:

My 60 lbs dog, my 300 lbs husband, and my 220 lbs self all slept on this together and it held up fine. It was a little snug with all of us on it but it worked great. Its very comfy for a cot if you are on it by yourself. :)

alex of fairview, OR - June, 05 2014:

Just a little advice for people buying ANY cot. If you are a large person like myself... 300 lbs+ don't point load your cot, I don't care how strong it is it will break. Point loading means to put all your weight in one area... distribute your weight over something that will carry your(our) weight. Sit on the canvas not the rail, your weight will be distributed over more area and hold up better and the cot will last longer. I hope I'm not offending anyone I just want a few select people to know that they can avoid breaking strong things by using a little logic/physics. Thanks, enjoy this great cot, it's strong as heck!! Holds me and my wife all night long but she doesn't want me to post her weight(we're well over the recommended total recommended weight of 500 lbs).

Willy of Colorado Springs, CO - February, 06 2015:

Bought this bad boy 3 years ago and use the heck out of it. I'm 6'3 270 (too many smores) fit on it just fine with plenty of room to stretch out. Bought the pad to go with it and it is really comfy. Yea it is big and heavy and somewhat hard to get the second cross member to lock (use a axe handle for leverage). I toss and turn a lot when I sleep and this bad boy has the strength to take it. Yes it is hard to set up in smaller tent, big boys need big toys so buy a bigger tent.

Ricky B of Mesquite, TX - August, 03 2012:

Bought this cot for summer camp. Loved it. I am big man and needed a cot worthy of my stature. This thing will give you plenty of room. Now I am saving up to buy the cot pad.

Frank C. Martinez IV of Redding, CA - April, 15 2016:

This is a truly wonderful cot. This is the second one I've bought from you, since I wore the other one out. This is comfortable, wide and stays tight. This new one is even easier to set up. The only reason that I didn't give it five stars is because you've changed the bag. This bag is harder to get on, and it stays open to dust. I am going to get my old bag, which I still have, replicated in heavy duty canvas, and use that.

Andy of Pocatello, ID - June, 29 2011:

I highly recommend this cot. . . it's pretty easy to set up and take down and has a huge sleeping area.

joe of cedar city, UT - February, 07 2011:

well i got this cot 2 years ago. Used it 3 times one lag bent on its 3rd time out. I am only 335 lb. The ad said it well hold 500 lb it well not hold 335lb. So don't wast you money

Antonio of Mesa, AZ - February, 04 2010:

Huge cot. Never felt the side rails on this one. Easier to set up then I've had before. Bulky and heavy though. Truck camping gem.

kh of , UT - December, 06 2009:

Most heavy duty cot I have could find. Im 220+ lbs and had no issues with this at all. I like the extra length and the way the legs are braced. It's also doesn't creak loudly like others I have tried. I do wish Sportsmans Warehouse stocked some organizers to go along with them.

Chris of Phoenix, AZ - January, 02 2011:

I'm a big guy, 6ft and around 300lbs. This is a very comfortable cot for me. Plenty of room! New it is tough getting the material to strech to get the end bars into place but after several uses it is easier.

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