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Rustic Ridge Elk Hunter -35 degree Sleeping Bag
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Rustic Ridge Elk Hunter -35 degree Sleeping Bag
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Rustic Ridge
Rustic Ridge

Rustic Ridge Elk Hunter -35 degree Sleeping Bag


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Rustic Ridge Elk Hunter -35 degree Sleeping Bag- Extra-roomy, extreme-temperature sleeping bag. Durable zipper, canvas shell, brushed poly flannel lining, shoulder collar, drawstring hood, inside pocket. Includes canvas carry duffle with handles.

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Rustic Ridge Elk Hunter -35 degree Sleeping Bag - At 90in long and 39in wide, this spacious sleeping bag is longer than a twin mattress and only one inch narrower. Zipper baffle and padded drawstring opening keeps drafts out. Staggered seams distribute fill evenly and reduce compression to eliminate chilly spots. Warm polyester flannel lining retains body heat. No-snag, self-repairing zipper opens top or bottom for adjustable ventilation and connects easily to second bag for shared sleeping space. Best extreme weather rectangular bag you'll find. All Sleeping bag dimensions are outside measurements.

  • Pack Weight: 17.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 90in x 39in
  • Temperature Rating: -35 degrees F
  • Fill: SuperLoft Elite™ 4 Channel Hollow Fiber
  • Shell: Canvas
  • Lining: 100% Brushed Polyester Flannel
  • Stuff Sack: Three Roll up Compression Straps and canvas carry ba

Bobby of Casper, WY - May, 15 2011:

This sleeping bag is a pleasure to sleep in on those very cold elk camp nights. I would reccomend this bag to anyone who doesn't need to carry this bag in on a backpack, it's a really heavy bag!

Anthony of Roseville, CA - May, 06 2011:

This is an awesome bag and the price is even better. I have used it in tempuratures around -5 and stayed very warm. Its extremely comfortable and with the canvas i never have to worry about damage. Wouldnt even consider going with a different bag

Mike of Reno, NV - July, 09 2011:

Bought this for a hunting trip. I'm a big guy and it worked perfectly. Kept me warm and dry and plenty of room. A little heavy, but worth it. Nice that it can be zipped with another one, may end up doing that for an upcoming family camping trip.

Paul of Idaho Falls, ID - October, 12 2015:

Very warm and well built sleeping bags for cold weather! I especially like that you can zip the left and right together to make one large bag!

Huntin'Widow of Scottsdale, AZ - August, 21 2010:

My husband says this is one of the best birthday gifts he ever received. It's been on many, many hunting trips over the past few years & he still loves it. Paired with a thick sleeping pad in the back of the pick-up, he's warmer than ever.

Bruce Biggs of Eagle, ID - October, 11 2015:

Great bag, we all stayed warm, even with freezing weather outside.

Brandon of Ogden, UT - September, 19 2012:

This is the warmest bag i've ever owned very nice for October and November tent camping. Very roomy and comfortable. Very impressed overall.

Matt of Grand Junction, CO - April, 28 2011:

Very great bag. Easy to use, great stuffing even for sleeping on the ground. Try no to get it wet, it will soak it in.

Malcolm of Murray, UT - February, 09 2012:

My review may not be of much help as I have not yet used this product, but am very much looking forward to. I purchased this bag to replace one that sprouted legs and walked away from me last year (you just have to love ex wives) I did a great deal of research and felt like this bag would satisfy my needs of cold weather camping in Utah.

Eric of Minneapolis, MN - January, 05 2015:

I bought this last year and finally took it out for a test run winter camping last weekend. I thought it was worth taking a chance on this bag instead of paying $350+ for a fancier -35 bag as I live in Minnesota and winter camping actually means -35. The coldest it has gotten with it has only been in single digits but it performed great, I was toasty warm, albeit still in a few layers. The first thing I will say is to carefully read the measurements- it is HUGE! Not meant for a backpack trip, could maybe be on a polk as you can smush it down. However, once you use it I actually like how big it is so you can wear coveralls or a lot of layers without being cramped. The canvas material seems pretty hardy. Flannel interior is very soft. One small tip- make sure you throw on some string on BOTH sides of the zipper so you can zip/unzip with mittens if needbe. The only downfall is that the zipper keeps getting stuck in the fabric, and that is because they designed for warmth and put extra padding to prevent air coming in and out of the zipper. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of the zipper (which kind of gets annoying) and the fact I haven't used it in temps below 0. Otherwise it seems like a keeper!

Pat of Laramie, WY - December, 22 2010:

Love the bag. Kept me warm in below freezing temperatures.

Kade of Twin Falls, ID - April, 21 2011:

Awesome! Warm and durable. The best late season elk hunting sleeping bag I've ever slept in. Way too warm for summer camping, but perfect for winter camping.

Chris of Phoenix, AZ - January, 02 2011:

I purchased the -35 degree bag. Very good quality and materials used. I'm about 6ft 300lbs and I'm comfortable and have plenty of room. Extremly warm, the first trip I used it on we woke up to 6 degrees outside and snow on the ground. I'm sure it wasn't much warmer in the tent! Great bag!

Thomas Doss of Soldotna, AK - January, 16 2012:

Went on a special Moose hunt in late December just below Fairbanks Alaska. Just to let everyone know it was minus 50 and then some. This sleeping bag works great. I did have on sweat pants and a sweat shirt, I was warm. Oh yeah, I was also in a tent!!!

Doug Mazza of Soda Springs, ID - May, 21 2012:

Delivery time was very short from the time of order to receipt of the product. I was a little disappointed in that the interior bag liner is not the fleece material that was advertised but was more of a smooth nylon type material.

Roger of Vancouer ,BC Canada, WA - November, 03 2010:

The best cold weather bag I have ever had. I bought this bag to replace a disappointing expensive bag made by The North Face. I am 6'6" tall and 295 lbs so most bags feel pretty small for me but not this one. Lot's of length and width so I never felt uncomfortable. Lot's of room even for me. The best part about this bag is how warm it is in below freezing temps. I did a ten day fishing trip in northern BC a week or so ago and had no heat in the tent but never needed it with the Elk Hunter. The bag feels like it will last a lifetime with the Duck cloth outer shell and heavy duty zipper. It's so nice to buy a product that does what it claims and more all for a price I thought was to low for a qaulity bag. I wish I could write better and give a better review but all I can tell you is to buy this bag , It Rocks!!!!!

Josh of West Jordan, UT - December, 15 2013:

Awesome bag for the money!!! was used in camping scenario with snow and frost conditions ranging from coldest at about -20 and the warmest it got was about 25-30, comfortable throughout the range. Tons of room even if you are a bigger guy. Never once was I ever cold while in the bag. Build like a tank, and weighs almost as much as for the back packer guys, yea forget about it! But if you do not have to hike, you cannot go wrong. I am purchasing another 3 for the family. Thumbs UP!!

Ryan of Fort Collins, CO - April, 21 2011:

I am so thankful for this bag! I bought it before my elk hunt last fall and it got down to 9 degrees and it kept me fairly warm. It also has plenty of room I am 5'11" and 280lbs and I was able to stay comfortable throughout the night. The zipper on this bag was so sturdy I never had a problem getting in or out of it. My father in law bought one as soon as we got back to town because he froze! This has to be the number one thing you need in these Colorado cold nights!

Mark Alexander of Colorado Springs, CO - July, 08 2013:

Have not used this bag yet but it seems like great quality for the price.

Eric of Ankeny, IA - April, 22 2011:

Kept me warm and comfortable during my elk hunt in CO while my buddy was cold. He bought one when we got back. Also works well as a sleep pad in warmer weather.

Jimmy of Ringgold, GA - May, 03 2011:

This bag is very soft, it also was very warm. The zipper worked well.

Gabriel G of Albuquerque, NM - March, 07 2015:

I bought this for my hunt last year and I have never slept so good on a camping trip!!!! Worth every dollar spent on it. It was so warm I had to completely unzip it and didn't even need a bed roll or air mattres. I know I was the most comfortable out of everyone on the trip. I plan on buying one more for my wife for our camping trips together.

Kim Dig of Orem, UT - April, 20 2011:

Warm bag. Great for cold with outings. I also like the fact that you can zip two together.

John of Bend, OR - March, 01 2015:

-35 is to just keep you alive, not comfortable. I was in zero degree weather and I froze. I was so cold that I never slept. But I feel that way about all sleeping bag ratings. Not waterproof but resistant only. Maybe would survive a light rain, but that's it. Overall dollar for dollar a great bag. I have used mine for many years now and have about 200 nights in it. Not as warm as it once was but I am now buying this again.

Lisa Anderson of Midvale, UT - November, 28 2011:

I have had one of these bags for several years now it keeps you very warm even in the coldest weather I have taken mine with me on an elk hunt camping in a tent with snow on the ground with this bag you would not know it was that cold outside I would highly recomend this bag for very cold weather it's great and well worth the price of being comfortable and staying warm, I bought mine at Sportsmans warehouse back in about 1992 still is as great as the day I bought it and I would like to have a few more of them for campouts. A wonderful product A+

kenny of westminster, CO - January, 05 2014:

I went camping this past weekend with the boy scouts and this bag is great I was out side overnight in -10 degree weather all night and very warm it is great for winter camping.

Jen of Rock Springs, WY - December, 24 2012:

This sleeping bag is amazing and a very decent price. I have recomended this to all of my family it really is great.

Dave of Suisun, CA - November, 22 2010:

Just got back in October from our annual Idaho Elk/Deer hunt. This is a great bag for the price with plenty of room to move around in for my 5'11 frame. It definaltely kept me warm at above 7500 feet with outside temps in the teens. My hunting partner set camp up the week before I arrived and he informed me he was having some heating issues in the camper which is basically a refridgerator on two axles without heat that turns into an ice box @ night. I stopped at the Twin Falls,Idaho, Sportsman Warehouse in October on my way to camp and picked this bag up specifically because he told me about the issues he was having and the freezing temps @ night. I had a bag rated for above 32' but not below those temps at camp already. I am so glad I stopped at the store when I did, it made a huge differance in my ability to stay warm at night

Kristen of Olive Branch, MS - May, 06 2011:

I just bought this sleeping bag for myself and it's awesome. I don't like that the bag is that heavy, but it's worth carrying the extra weight for the comfort that you get from this bag. It has a great cushion for sleeping on the ground and it kept me warm all night.

Clint of Elk Ridge, UT - November, 26 2014:

This bag is GREAT; HOWEVER ONE BIG Flaw - the zipper. I will be returning mine and really disappointed about doing so cuz I thought I was gonna LOVE this thing. Tried it one night and then couldn't get the zipper to work appropriately. Very frustrating to wrestle with it when that is the LAST thing you want to do.

joe of commerce city, CO - October, 03 2012:

Bought this bag for elk hunting in a ten in colorado. The worst temp i have been in is about -10 and at no point in the night have i been cold. Even with the wind and snow. I love to sleep in the bag and find almost any reason to use it. Not to mention it has enough room for two in it.

Justin S. of Hooper, UT - September, 10 2012:

I bought this because I was looking for a warm, bulky, comfortable sleeping bag. The flannel is very warm. This is definitely a great sleeping bag. Carry bag is nice, and fits great, you don't have to battle to get the sleeping bag into the carry bag. Great for camping, hunting, in cold weather, if you're looking to buy more than one, I'd suggest getting one left side zippered bag and one right side zippered bag. Great product. Especially for Elk and Deer camp. Where you don't have to pack the bag too far.

Brad of Sun Valley, NV - December, 26 2011:

I bought this bag based on all the great reviews, well there wrong. I just got back from a Mule deer hunt and it was -5 degrees and I FROZE at night. I had to wear my cover alls and a beanie just to stay warm. The bag is very comfortable just not made for anything below 25 degrees.

John Dominguez of Mesa, AZ - November, 18 2009:

Fantastic late season base camp bag for the price, both lofty and warm. I've used this particular bag two seasons now and have not had a single issue thus far the original loftiness is still present the zippers are in place and the inner or shell has not torn. A nice bonus is that it can be joined with a second bag to make a larger double bag, keep in mind it will only work with another -35 and not with the 0 Elk Hnter or the Deer Hunter. The only draw back is that the bag does not break down to a very manageable size and takes up a lot of space in the bed of your truck. But I can deal with that in order to get a good nights sleep.

Cory of Idaho Falls, ID - September, 03 2014:

So comfortable and VERY warm. The zipper seems to be of a good quality. The canvas exterior is very durable. The carry bag it comes in makes transporting very simple. This bag should last many many years.

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