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Swarovski 10x50 EL Swarovision

Swarovski 10x50 EL Swarovision


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Swarovski 10 x 50 EL Swarovision. This binocular has been engineered for extreme detail recognition and maximum brightness in low light conditions. The field flattener lenses and HD glass make this binocular the pinnacle of optical perfection.

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Swarovski 10x50 EL Swarovision. In the 50mm category, these very compact binoculars contain HD lenses to minimize color fringing (chromatic aberration) and guarantee razor-sharp images with the highest possible resolution. The EL 50mm SWAROVISON provides viewing comfort through the entire wide-angle field of view with amazing edge to edge sharpness. The sturdy, removable twist-in eyecups have been designed with four intermediate stage settings making it easier to adapt the individual distance between the ocular lens and eye. The new focusing wheel made from hard and soft components is non-slip, sturdy, easily and accurately operated. It is possible to change the setting from the close focus to infinity very quickly with only two complete turns. This unrivalled close range is particularly beneficial for the macro observation world. The time-tested and elegant EL design with wrap-around grip has also been optimized. Thanks to their rubber armouring, the binoculars are easy to handle even when cold and the ergonomic thumb rests ensure a perfectly balanced observation. The practical accessories are yet another plus in terms of functionality. All new EL 50?s are supplied with a water-repellent bag, an easily adjustable Lift carrying strap, protective caps for eyepieces and objectives, plus the Snap Shot adapter, the latter is used to quickly connect a digital compact camera to the binocular for remarkable photographs taken at long distance.

Field Flattener Lenses eliminate edge distortion - perfect clarity from edge to edge
HD Lenses improves color transmission and increases contrast
Increased eye relief (20 mm) comfortable to use
Large field of view even for eyeglass wearers
Multi-position eyecups
New focusing wheel - operates smoothly and accurately
Comes with field bag
Comes with snap shot adapter to take pictures through the binocular

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