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Surefire Spares Carriers

Surefire Spares Carriers

Sale: $14.97
Reg: $20.00

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Surefire Spares Carriers hold extra batteries and one extra lamp assembly. These clear, impact-resistant containers feature a screw-on cap with watertight O-ring seals and a lanyard.

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Surefire Spares Carriers - These impact-resistant, watertight polymer containers provides storage for one spare lamp assembly and six 123A lithium batteries. Three different versions are available for different Surefire light models. Batteries and lamp not included.
SC1 Fits: P60L, P60, P61, P90, P91, R30, R60, MN01*, MN02*, MN03*, MA02
SC2 Fits: N1, N2, N4, N5, MN10, MN11, MN15, MN16, MN20, MN21, MN60, MN61, N62, MA02
SC3 Fits: MN01, MN02, MN03, MA02
*NOTE: Due to their smaller size, Executive Series lamps do not fit snugly in the SC1. Surefire recommends that Executive Series lamps be surrounded with a user-supplied buffering material, such as plastic foam or cotton, to achieve a snug, rattle-free fit.

Clear, impact-resistant polymer
Holds one lamp assembly
Holds 6 CR123A lithium batteries

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1002708 Clear Reflector lamps Sale: $14.97
Reg: $20.00
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