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Star Targets Exploding Targets
Star Targets
Star Targets

Star Targets Exploding Targets

$6.99 - $17.99

Star Targets Exploding Targets- Extreme reactive targets. When shot, Star Targets result in a chest pounding explosion. It consists of to components that cannot be lit on fire, and it will not light fires no matter how dry the surroundings.

You must be 18 or older to purchase ammunition and other restricted items. For safety reasons, many of these items cannot be returned and may only be shipped via ground to the 48 contiguous states. If purchasing ammunition, ensure you use the correct caliber and/or gauge in your firearm. Many states and/or municipalities have certain restrictions in place which may prevent shipment/ordering of various items. Check your local laws and regulations before ordering.

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Star Targets Exploding Targets- Star Targets make shooting a blast. They explode when impacted from bullet that is at least 40 grains and traveling at least 2,200 feet per second. Star Targets consist of two materials when mixed will explode from bullet impact. The components are not flammable, nor will they ignite any surroundings. The minimum safe distance for exploding Star Targets is 50 yards. This is considered an explosive material. Local, state and federal explosives regulations apply, so make sure to check local laws before ordering.

  • Available in 1/2, 1, or 2 1/2 pound sizes
  • Non Flammable
  • Minimum safe distance of 50 yards
  • Check local laws before ordering

Charlie of Tacoma, WA - May, 04 2012:

It's pretty cool to watch these things explode. Nothing makes you feel more like a man than shooting something that explodes the way these do. That's how I feel anyway. Buy one and you'll never regret it. It has made shooting a bit of a challenge, though. Any time I miss the target, it makes me pretty sad because it seems so uneventful.

Chad of West Jordan, UT - May, 08 2012:

WOW! They aren't kidding by the exploding far the most fun I have had shooting. Ever. FYI - you can't shoot them with your pistol...doesn't have enough velocity or something. Wasted one target this way.

Jake of Mesquite, NV - May, 14 2012:

I bought a bunch of the 2.5 lb containers and put a little bit into smaller containers and shoot those to save a bit of money. It's worked out for me so far!  It's kind of fun to shoot something that lets you know you hit it.

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