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Stansport Pocket Hand Warmer

Stansport Pocket Hand Warmer



Stansport Pocket Hand Warmer - Works with Stansport Solid Fuel Sticks to generate heat for several hours.

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Stansport Pocket Hand Warmer - Works with Stansport Solid Fuel Sticks to generate heat for several hours. Solid fuel stick ignites easily with a match. To start the hand warmer place a fuel stick in the fiberglass insulated case, ignite with a a match, and allow to burn for several seconds, then close the case. Replace the fuel sticks as they smoulder down. Package includes the velvet covered warmer case, and 2 fuel sticks. Use with Stansport Fuel Stick Refill #629.

  • Several hours of heat
  • Fiberglass Insulated
  • Velvet Covered Case
  • Fuel stick refills available

    Justin of Palmer, AK - July, 14 2011:

    I have to admit that this style of hand warmer is not the one I use most - I typically go with the disposable oxidation style. That said, I was surprised at how well this hand warmer worked. You could keep it in a jacket pocket and it would continue to stay warm even if it wasn't getting much air flow. It's more of a subtle heat. Not bad at all!

    Mike of Boise, ID - November, 18 2011:

    Friend had one on a recent hunting trip, I bought one when we got back. I've used it on another trip and the thing works great. Tried the disposables but always found them to be marginal at best. A little more trouble than the others but well worth the heat they put out. Does what it says it will.

    Carla of Nampa, ID - October, 26 2013:

    I LOVE the pocket warmer. But unless you can find decent replacement sticks plan on buying a new one every year because the Stansport replacement sticks don't stay lit. I am hoping I can find another brand that does. I bought a new box 2 different years thinking one was just a bad box but it didn't make any difference. My friend said the same thing. The hand warmer and original sticks seem to work great but the refills are just a waste of money and not a reliable heating source. I would rate this a 5 star if it weren't for the refill issue.

    Kim of Menominee, MI - January, 14 2011:

    Bought them for a winter camping trip my husband is going on the end of the month. He tried them out and really likes them.

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