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Stansport Hand Warmer Refill Fuel Sticks

Stansport Hand Warmer Refill Fuel Sticks



Stansport Hand Warmer Refill Fuel Sticks - Generates heat for several hours. Designed to work with the Stansport Pocket Hand Warmer. Solid fuel stick ignites easily with a match.

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Stansport Hand Warmer Refill Fuel Sticks - Generates heat for several hours. Designed to work with the Stansport Pocket Hand Warmer. Solid fuel stick ignites easily with a match. Use in Stansport Handwarmer #628. Refill includes 12 Fuel Sticks.

12 Per Box
Use in Stansport Handwarmer # 628

Brandon of Ogden, UT - September, 19 2012:

I use these with my stansport hand warmer up ice fishing. The fuel sticks light easily and is nice to keep in a coat pocket to keep hands warm.

Lisa of Evansville, WY - May, 15 2011:

These fuel sticks work great with the Stansport handwarmers. I keep them in my backpack all the time during the winter.

Jimmy` of Ringgold, GA - May, 03 2011:

They stay warm long time. They kept my hands warm.

Eric of Ankeny, IA - April, 22 2011:

Easy to light and stayed going.

Dave of Daytona, FL - April, 28 2014:

good stuff do you realize how difficult these are to find I think some fool must have burned their finger on one and now all the do gooders say that the fuel sticks are dangerous they should try keeping your hands warm by rubbibg two sticks together LOL keep up the good work thanks

Kristen of Olive Branch, MS - May, 06 2011:

I love these handwaremer fuel sticks. I used to just buy the disposable hand warmers, but a friend of mine told me that I could save a lot of money if I got the stansport handwarmer, so I took her advice and got one. Ever since, I refuse to use anything else. The fuel sticks are easy to use and keep your hands warm for hours.

Erica of Pueblo, CO - July, 09 2011:

I'm an avid snowmachiner and love this product. They stay warm for hours and small enough to just stuff in a pocket. Look forward to breaks from riding to warm my hands on this

Carla of Nampa, ID - October, 26 2013:

I LOVE the pocket warmer. However, when it comes new the fire sticks work great but the refills are a total failure. I bought some last year and all were duds so I bought a new pack this year thinking it was just that box but got the same result. My friend also said the same thing. The warmer is a great product if a person could ever actually get to use it. I'm glad I didn't count on them this year to stay warm during my hunt.

Matt of Grand Junction, CO - April, 28 2011:

Very easy to use and stays warm for a while. Always a great thing to keep in the car.

Foy of Weaverville, NC - December, 31 2010:

One of the best solid fuel sticks that I have ever used and I have used everyone out there. Very easy to light and stays lit. Gives off super heat to keep hands or body toasty. I am sold on these.

Henry Benak of Windfall, IN - December, 12 2013:

They work just as good as the old Kassner fuel sticks which are not available anymore. Last a long time and keeps your hands quite warm. I will buy more when I run out.

Kim Dig of Orem, UT - April, 20 2011:

Heats up really nice. The hard part is finding the replacement fuel sticks.

Foy Robinson of Weaverville, NC - December, 30 2012:

These are not the quality of fuel sticks that Stansport has made in the past. They won't stay lit and I have had several complaints of this. Even the one's that I am using have this problem.

JS of Rock Springs, WY - March, 07 2014:

Burns great, but watch your truck seat. They can pop hot embers off, had a hole get burned into my brand new 2013 truck seats...

Jammer of Reno, NV - January, 29 2012:

Sportsman's Warehouse has the best price on these hand warmer fuel sticks along with many other great items. These stay nice and hot for about eight hours. A proven old design.

Kade of Twin Falls, ID - April, 21 2011:

Easy to light and stays lit. Heats up well and fits easly into a pocket.

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