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SmokinTex Pro Series 1400 Smoker

SmokinTex Pro Series 1400 Smoker



SmokinTex Pro Series 1400 Smoker - Finally, a quality insulated electric smoker tailored to the needs of the home chef at an affordable price.

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SmokinTex Pro Series 1400 Smoker - Finally, a quality insulated, electric smoker tailored to the needs of the home chef at an affordable price. Easy to use. Load the wood and food, shut the door, and set the temperature. The thermostat allows for easy temperature control. The controlled heat combined with a well insulated cabinet and no-draft cooking conditions produces a consistent, quality product. No attention needed while cooking. It is safe to use since it doesn't get hot on the outside and it is easy to move with the included wheels. The grill and racks are dishwasher safe. Smokes beef, pork, poultry, fish, seafood, lamb, sausage, game, vegetables, etc. It even makes great Jerky! Team it up with the optional Cold Smoke Plate for excellent cheese and pastas. Use any hardwood-- no pellets or special wood required. The smoker arrives ready to use. Just install the wheels with the included wrench. Includes: 3 - Standard Stainless Steel Racks Stainless Steel Drip Pan Wheels Cookbook and Instructions

  • Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: Approximately 38 lbs per load
  • Shelves: Capacity 5 - (14.5in x 14.5in)
  • Electrical: 700 Watt heating element, 10 amp, 120v single phase current
  • Dimensions: W-17.5in x D- 21in x H-29in (without wheels H-26.75in)
  • Weight: Approxi

Earl Parsons of DesMonies, IA - March, 07 2011:

Purchaced my model 1400 smoken tex at Ankeny Store. Service was great. John helped me and he was great to work with.thanks for the great help.check around and Sportsmans had the best price and help.

Ken of Middleton, ID - April, 19 2011:

This is more of a commercial grade smoker. It is a bit expensive, but works great. The capacity is a bit small.

Steve D of Tacoma, WA - August, 10 2011:

This smoker is GREAT! If you have used other less expensive electric smokers then buy this. You will not believe the difference. If you have thought of buying an electric smoker this is the one to buy. It is so easy. Just put in your meat set the temp and come back when it's done. It could not be easier. This model has a stronger heating element then others, which is REALLY nice. It is so versatile you can smoke anything. It is built to last a lifetime or more. What else can you ask for? I looked at reviews and specs of different smokers for a long time before deciding on this model, and I am glad because I definitely made the correct choice. Sportsman's Warehouse had the best price anywhere so you get the best smoker at the best price. Win Win

John Kovats of Lakeland, FL - January, 21 2012:

This is the one to get,.EXCELLENT product,.great price here at on the internet! This smoker will do the job! Never go to another BBQ place again when you can make the same or better BBQ at home. I would recomend this to anyone with a passion to smoke! Excellent value and workmanship,.built like a tank! Everything I have made in it is restaurant quality,you will cook like a pro,.very easy to use. Get the cart and cover,you'll be glad you did,protect that investment from the elements.This built to last! I use mine every weekend,.and I mean EVERYWEEKEND!!! My friends call me ask what I'm cooking,..I should start charging! lol

Mark of Brownwood, TX - July, 12 2012:

We have a total of 4 of these smokers in our extended family now. This is a well made product, easy to use, and produces excellent results. I highly recommend both the product and Sportsman's Warehouse. Shipping and delivey was fast. No problems what so ever. Thanks!

Ryan Elsey of Mesa, AZ - November, 08 2009:

I bought this product at the Mesa, AZ store. It was recommended by the great camping employees. I found it to be a no brainer to use, just set it and forget it. It is simple to keep my temp., easy to clean, and I would recomend this product to anyone.

Don of Burlingame, CA - March, 05 2013:

This smoker puts out great BBQ I just wish it was a bit wider to a whole Beef Brisket. I had to cut mine in half but it still did a great job..I recommend this smoker for its ease of use.

Chuck of Russellville , AR - March, 13 2013:

Great Smoker, Was worried about using an electric smoker, have always used wood in the past. However, COPD has got me down and can no longer can use a conventional wood smoker. Smoked my first Brisket and Pork back-strap, turned out great. Didn't have the red ring around the meat, but was advised to use two pieces of charcoal along with the wood to obtain the red ring. Love it...

Dick of West Des Moines, IA - April, 09 2010:

This is my 6 and final smoker! The best for the money out there. Like the old saying, ""Set it and forget it"" holds try for this smoker!

Dan & Deb Bogwill of Morris, IL - May, 19 2013:

Just awesome! Enough said!

Randy of Uniontown, PA - June, 13 2013:

Great smoker makes excellent ribs.

Phil Slezak of Apex, NC - January, 27 2011:

I am glad I purchased this smoker compared to Masterbuilt which I was leaning to until I spoke to someone at SmokinTex. I have used the smoker every weekend since I purchased it trying some new. I have cooked ribs, while chicken, and chicken wings. The food is so soft that it just come off the bones with ease. The saying of put your food in and thats it, is true. No need to keep opening the door and put wood in. One suggestion is that you need to order the stand as the smoker needs to be up higher for easy access instead of bending down. Clean up is easy as you just put tin foil down on bottom and pull out when done. Make sure you get a digital Thermometer with remote so you just watch the temp and beeper goes off when temp is reached. Again, I love this smoker!!

Tyler of New Orleans, LA - February, 28 2011:

Cheapest Price on the web... Awesome Smoker. You get what you pay for. If you want a nice electric smoker that will produce some of the best smoked meats, this is the one. Of course its not a huge unit, but for home use its perfect. If you are thinking about getting a cookshack, save your money and buy SmokinTex Smokers. It truly is a set it and forget it smoker. I never open the door until my probe is at my desired temp.

Lyle of Stockbridge, GA - June, 13 2015:

Absolutely outstanding piece of gear! I bought a Master Chef unit and didn't use it until the following year. BIG it didn't work and was out of warranty and had never even been used. It ended up going to Goodwill and cost me several hundred dollars. Next, I looked at Bradley smokers but read the reader reviews and decided against doing that. I then read the Smokin' Tex reviews, spent a few dollars extra, and got an absolutely OUTSTANDING smoker! I LOVE IT! Wish I'd made this decision FIRST!

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