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Simon Wobbler Hammered Spoon

Simon Wobbler Hammered Spoon

$9.99 - $11.99

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Simon Wobbler Hammered Spoon - These hand painted and individually inspected spoons by Simon Wobbler are noticeably better then the competition.

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Simon Wobbler Hammered Spoon -Specialized diamond hammered finish for increased light reflection by Simon Wobblers that has proven to catch more fish.

  • Customized HXT 2/0 Chemically Sharpened Treble Hooks
  • Welded Stainless Steel Rings
  • Barrel Swivels
  • UV Paints & Pigments
  • Hand Painted & Inspected
  • Hammered Blade

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Item # Color Length Model Brand Price Quantity
1398993 Blue and Chartreuse Edges w/ Black Dot 4.5 in SW64-BIG HMD Simon Wobblers $11.99
In Stock
1398994 Purple and Cerise w/ Black Dot 4.5 in SW69-BIG HMD Simon Wobblers $11.99
In Stock
1398963 Scale Edge w/ Neon Blue Stripe 3 in SW37-HMD Simon Wobblers $9.99
In Stock
1398967 Neon Purple Edges w/ Dots 3 in SW51 HMD Simon Wobblers $9.99
In Stock
1398979 Chartreuse w/ Green Dot 4.5 in SW11-BIG HMD Simon Wobblers $11.99
1398983 Neon Blue Scale Edges w/ Black & Chartreuse Dots & Chartreuse Butt 4.5 in SW29-BIG HMD Simon Wobblers $11.99
In Stock
1398984 Blue Stripe Chartreuse Butt w/ Black Dots 4.5 in SW30-BIG HMD Simon Wobblers $11.99
In Stock
1398985 Scale Edge Neon Blue Stripe 4.5 in SW37-BIG HMD Simon Wobblers $11.99
In Stock
1398965 Neon Chartreuse w/ Green Tiger Stripes & Butt 3 in SW45 HMD Simon Wobblers $9.99
In Stock
1398974 Slash Chartreuse Flame w/ Green Dot 3 in SW61-HMD Simon Wobblers $9.99
In Stock
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