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Remington UMC 223 Rem 55 gr 200-Pack Metal-Cased Rifle Ammo

Remington UMC 223 Rem 55 gr 200-Pack Metal-Cased Rifle Ammo



Made in the Lonoke Arkansas, value priced and ideal for high volume shooting. Clean burning and very accurate.

You must be 18 or older to purchase ammunition and other restricted items. For safety reasons, many of these items cannot be returned and may only be shipped via ground to the 48 contiguous states. If purchasing ammunition, ensure you use the correct caliber and/or gauge in your firearm. Many states and/or municipalities have certain restrictions in place which may prevent shipment/ordering of various items. Check your local laws and regulations before ordering.

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For practice, target shooting and training exercises, UMC centerfire rifle ammunition is loaded with metal case or jacketed hollow point bullets in six popular military linked calibers. All UMC rifle loadings are ideal for high volume shooting.

UMC® Rifle Ammunition-
Cartridge: 223 REM
Bullet: 55 gr. Metal-Cased
Velocity: 3240 fps
Rounds/Box: 200

Edward of Denver, CO - April, 19 2011:

At 45 cents a round this stuff is hard to beat for cost. It will feed all day through my Bushmaster and gives ok accuracy. The metal cased bullets seem to stand up to rough handling even thouth they aren't match quality. These rounds seem made to shoot lots and lots of volume. Bring plenty of magazines. I had two failures to fire in the box I tried. Primer was dented but nothing happened.

Vikram of Dallas, TX - August, 02 2011:


Dan of Eau Claire, WI - April, 25 2012:

These shot suprisingly well. They are not the cleanest, but they shoot great.

John of Riverton, UT - May, 08 2012:

I have ran hundreds of these through my ACR with no issues...super fun for plinking around but don't recommend sighting in the scope at over 100yrds as I noticed that the accuracy isn't up to par with higher quality rounds. Still for what you pay for them they can't be beat.

Brian of Carmel, IN - November, 01 2012:

I recently bought an AR-15 and needed some ammo to target shoot with. I bought the Remingtom UMC .223 rounds and they worked great. Sportsman's also had the best price on it as well!

Jer of Las Vegas, NV - December, 28 2012:

These UMC rounds fired exceptionally well and I would definitely order again.

Carlos Hendrick of Needville, TX - December, 02 2013:

I am very satisfied with the product and the delivery time.

Jason of tucson, AZ - September, 16 2014:

Great stuff, I have gone through a few of these boxes with no failures. I found they were very uniform through my AR. I have also shot these through mini 14 and there we no issues. The brass is great for reloading and do not have crimped primers. I am now on reload number 3 with much of the brass and still well within specs. I have been very satisfied.

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