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Remington UMC 223 Rem 55gr 20-Pack Metal-Cased Rifle Ammo

Remington UMC 223 Rem 55gr 20-Pack Metal-Cased Rifle Ammo



Made in the Lonoke Arkansas, value priced and ideal for high volume shooting. Clean burning and very accurate.

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For practice, target shooting and training exercises, UMC centerfire rifle ammunition is loaded with metal case or jacketed hollow point bullets in six popular military linked calibers. All UMC rifle loadings are ideal for high volume shooting.

UMC® Rifle Ammunition-
Cartridge: 223 REM
Bullet: 55 gr. Metal-Cased
Velocity: 3240 fps
Rounds/Box: 20

tom of tucson, AZ - March, 15 2011:

really good ammo i have put over 1000 rounds through my dpms light 16 with no prblems at all

Zac Fox of Ankeny, IA - April, 19 2011:

I have personally used this ammo as well as the 45 GR and 50 GR through my Bushmaster A3M4. This ammo works great with assault rifles that have a 1-9 twist. I would recommend a 62 GR or higher if your shooting this ammo through an assault rifle with a 1-7 twist. Relatively clean shooting without a lot of corrosion.

Tony of Boise, ID - April, 19 2011:

At $8.99 this is a great buy. It cycles well through my Bushmaster and Tactical Innovations T1. It's clean burning, and fair on accuracy.

marty of denver, CO - April, 21 2011:

I spent an afternoon shooting my Ruger Ranch rifle with this ammo. I had no failures to feed or eject with acceptable accuracy.

trey of Provo, UT - April, 21 2011:

This ammo is great for plinking!

Kevin of Anchorage, AK - April, 29 2011:

Found this at the Anchorage store for a good deal, and it seems to fire very well through my ar. I have never had any issues with any of the UMC line of ammunition.

Tyrone of Memphis , TN - May, 05 2011:

This a great round for the typical predator hunter. It has a decent price for the quality of ammunition. This item seems to go fast. I can usually find this online and in the store consistently.

phil of reno, NV - May, 08 2011:

great ammo used this ammo in a bolt action rifle and in a mini 14 and it was excellent in both

Dustin of Eagle Point, OR - May, 08 2011:

Good clean ammo for a great price. Most quality ammo for 223 costs a great deal more

James of Soldotna, AK - July, 09 2011:

Clean cheap ammo...good for playing around. Readily available either online or in stores.

Craig of Randolph, ME - June, 17 2012:

Great ammo. Ran fine in my AR-15 and at a good price. Loved the quick shipping.

Fuzzhd of Davenport, IA - July, 11 2012:

Very good round. Very accurate. Very clean powder. I shoot this round as much as I can for more money else where but Sportsmans Wharehouse beat that price by $3.00 a box. That means savings and more rounds down range. Thanks Sportsmans Wharehouse for complete satisfaction. P.S. Delivery time was excellent (3 days to my front door). Aces all the way around.

Dave of Farmington, UT - September, 20 2012:

Functioned great through my AR. Great brass for reloading.

Brian of Anchorage, AK - September, 21 2012:

Great practice ammo, not to dirty. The metal case is pretty much a throw out, unless you have so experience with reloading metal cases.

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