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Redfield Revolution Rifle Scopes

Redfield Revolution Rifle Scopes

$199.99 - $259.99

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Redfield Revolution Rifle Scopes - Redfield riflescopes follow the American tradition of quality. Their riflescopes are made right in Oregon. The Revolution utilizes advanced optics technology to create a riflescope with great quality without paying a hig

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Redfield Revolution Rifle Scopes - You can trust the Redfield name. With technology like the Illuminator Lens System, which gives you a clear image for a clear shot, and rapid target acquisition due to the generous eye relief, you will have confidence in your Redfield riflescope.

  • Built in Oregon
  • Illuminator Lens System
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 100% Fogproof
  • Nitorgen Filled Maintube
  • Accu-Range Reticle Built in Bullet Drop Compensation
  • 4-Plex Reticle Precision Placement

IJ JR of LAS VEGAS, NV - October, 31 2015:

Very glad that Leupold bought Redfield Company. I can tell the quality and build, much like Leupold. I purchased mine & had it mounted on my Ruger American Ranch in 300 AAC Blk @ Sportsman's Las Vegas Centennial Store, Nevada. Hunting Counter - Pablo mounted it with Warne rings. Shot very very good groups through it. Redfield & Leupold are very high quality, but low cost equipment. Just like Ruger has very very high quality, but lower cost firearms on the market. Bar none.

J.Robbin Hajek of Central Point, OR - December, 17 2014:

I have the 3x9x40 Accu-Range model, and it's three years old and holding it's zero.Compares favorably to my Leupold VX 1, although W/E adjustments are a little "soft". Has great eye box/eye relief.Best hunting scope for the money. Accu-range reticle is good for sighting in and great for quick shots. Very clear and sharp. It's a keeper,very pleased so far.

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Item # Color Length Weight Magnification Diameter Objective Diameter (mm) Reticle Brand Price Quantity
1250465 Matte 12.3 in 12.6 oz 3-9x 1 in 40.0 Accu-Range Redfield $209.99
In Stock
1250466 Matte 12.3 in 13.1 oz 4-12x 1 in 40.0 Accu-Range Redfield $259.99
In Stock
1258413 Matte 11 in 11.1 oz 2-7x 1 in 33.0 4-Plex Redfield $199.99
In Stock
1258414 Matte 11 in 11.1 oz 2-7x 1 in 33.0 Accu-Range Redfield $209.99
In Stock
1258415 Matte 12.3 in 12.6 oz 3-9x 1 in 40.0 4-Plex Redfield $199.99
In Stock
1258416 Matte 12.4 in 14.5 oz 3-9x 1 in 50.0 4-Plex Redfield $239.99
In Stock
1258417 Matte 12.4 in 14.5 oz 3-9x 1 in 50.0 Accu-Range Redfield $249.99
In Stock
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