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Rage 2 Blade Broadheads

Rage 2 Blade Broadheads

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Rage© 2 Blade Broadheads- Massive 2" cutting diameter 100 grain broadhead. Bowhunter's can have confidence in a quick recovery with these broadheads.

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Rage© 2 Blade Broadheads- Made from machined aircraft aluminum, the body features HexFlat™ design for stable flight, with a stainless steel instant-cut tip. The cam-deployed rear blades follow the tip without grabbing or deflecting, even on an angled hit, and are guaranteed to deploy before entry, maintaining full kinetic energy.

  • Machined aircraft aluminum body
  • SlipCam™ Rear Blade Deployment System
  • FREE practice broadhead included
  • Cut on contact tip
  • Massive 2" cutting diameter

2.0" cut, .035" stainless blades, .039 tip blade

zane of Ashton , ID - December, 14 2010:

These broad heads are the best thing i have ever shot. They shoot like a field tip and they leave huge entry and exit holes wow they are great you all need to try some.

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