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Quality Archery Hunter Arrow Rest
Quality Archery Designs
Quality Archery Designs

Quality Archery Hunter Arrow Rest



The Hunter Rest drop-away arrow rest is designed to fall away only when the bow is fired. With the Hunter-Rest cocked into the capture position, this ensures that your arrow remains contained and won't drag across the bow shelf during draw or let-down.

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Unlike other rests that drop-away because of inertia, or vibration, the ULTRA REST relies on the velocity of the forward movement, via the Timing Cord attached to the bows downward buss cable, to initiate the launcher to drop. VDT assures that the ULTRA-REST remains in the cocked position even on a slow let down and will only drop-away if the bow is fired.

Keep your arrow in total containment whether you're stalking, drawing, or during a slow let-down

Mike of Berthoud, CO - September, 21 2011:

This is a solid rest, at a reasonable price. The release mechanism works well but does create a bit of noise when coming to rest on the bow. I put some camo felt tape down but it still has a bit of a loud clack on release. I'm going to put down a thicker pad to see if that helps. The noise isn't too excessive but none the less I'll look to make it quieter.

Tim Knott of Jacksonville, OR - March, 22 2013:

On most quality compound bows, this arrow rest works very well. However, if you have Bowtech Razor Edge, this is NOT the arrow rest for you.

Lance of Lewiston, ID - July, 24 2013:

Great rest for 50 bucks. Some of the more expensive ones have some great features, but this one is hard to beat for the price. The key to this rest is tuning, though. Read the instructions, set it up properly, and you won't have any issues with noise or vane clearance.

Jim of Placitas, NM - March, 16 2014:

Very happy with this rest.Can't beat the price and the shipping was very quick

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