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Pure Sip Personal Water Filter

Pure Sip Personal Water Filter



Pure Sip Personal Water Filter - The Pure Sip Personal Water Purifier is designed to be a light weight, simple, convenient, highly reliable and reusable purification device that provides safe, "good tasting" drinking water from questionable sources


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Pure Sip Personal Water Filter - Pure Sip has been proven to kill bacteria and viruses under continuous and repeat conditions. As a result, Pure Sip has been used by the United States Military since 1998. The Pure Sip is easy to use. Simply remove the bottom rubber boot and top cover from the mouthpiece. Draw water using only mouth suction, like drinking from a straw. Discharge your first two mouthfuls to purge the initial carbon fines. Close the mouthpiece and replace the rubber boot when not in use. the life of the filter id determined by the length of time and periods of use required for the filters to become clogged. As you rule you can expect 10-30 gallons from your filter.

  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Filter capacity: 10-30 gallons
  • Length: 6.25?
  • Diameter: 1?
  • Made in the USA

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