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Pro Troll Stingfish 15

Pro Troll Stingfish 15


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Pro Troll Stingfish 15 - The rapid headshaking of this lure and the E-Chip pulse drives salmon and lake trout absolutely crazy. The Stingfish is easily tunable for filet rigging and works well trolling or backtrolling.

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Pro Troll Stingfish 15 - The Pro Troll Stingfish 15 features E-Chip electronic attraction and is the only lure with laser eyes. It has a fusion welded body for absolute water proofing and rigid internal partitions will not crush in deep water. Also has perma deposition chroming with UV cured overcoat and tunable snap ring. The lure floats when it is at rest. On trolling or retrieve it will dive from 5' to 15' down.

E-Chip electronic attraction
Only lure with laser eyes
Fusion welded body for absolute water proofing
Rigid internal partitions- will not crush in deep water
Works well trolling or backtrolling

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Item # Color Length Model Price Quantity
1182025 Brown Trout 5 1/2" SF15-352 $6.79
In Stock
1006963 Chrome Red Tiger 5 1/2" SF15-381 $6.79
In Stock
1006964 Chrome Chartreuse Bill 5 1/2" SF15-382 $6.79
In Stock
1006965 Chrome Chartreuse Ends 5 1/2" SF15-383 $6.79
In Stock
1006966 Chrome Chartreuse Tiger 5 1/2" SF15-384 $6.79
1006967 Chrome Blue Scale 5 1/2" SF15-385 $6.79
In Stock
1006968 Chrome Green Chartreuse 5 1/2" SF15-386 $6.79
In Stock
1182027 Blue Tiger 5 1/2" SF15-388 $6.79
In Stock
1113081 Chrome Green 5 1/2" SF15-392 $6.79
In Stock
1182029 Black and White 5 1/2" SF15-402 $6.79
In Stock
1182035 Blue Barra 5 1/2" SF15-413 $6.79
In Stock
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