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Pro Ears Pro 200

Pro Ears Pro 200



Pro Ears Pro 200 - Spring form steel headband for firm compression. Pre-set at 15 decibels of amplification. Slim cup design. Pro Form Leather ultra comfortable ears seals.

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Pro Ears Pro 200 - You do not have to be a competitive shooter or hunting fanatic to appreciate the advantage of Pro Ears. The Pro Series will increase the enjoyment and improve the performance for the hunting or shooting enthusiast whose occasional outing is as important to them as the national championships are to the competitive shooter. The natural sound of the Pro Series is almost as good as the Gold Series and is better than any other active hearing enhancement product on the market. The biggest difference in sound between the Pro Series and Gold Series is a longer attack time of 5.5 milliseconds versus 1.5 milliseconds for the Gold Series.

Great sound, fewer features, lower price. The Pro Series does not have all the features that come standard with the 8 bit microprocessor on the Gold Series but they do offer great sound, real comfort and effective sound attenuation. The Pro Series offers industry leading DLSC compression technology, wind abatement programming and built-in quality similar to our top of the line Gold Series. The circuit board reduces high frequency filtering which may benefit those with high-frequency hearing loss. Separate circuit boards, one in each cup, with their own on/off and volume controls eliminates the need for wires and increases reliability and adjustability. We thought about offering a recessed, electronic volume control with on/off switch (they look cool) but after in-field tests proved a shooter wearing gloves had better control with our old fashioned pots we decided performance was more important than looks.

ProForm's leather ear cushions (Pro 300 only) with visco-elastic foam ensures the highest level of sound attenuation and comfort available. An internal battery compartment eliminates unnecessary cuts or voids in the external cup, improving the noise attenuation properties of the cup. No tools are required to change the battery. The Pro Series offers the longest battery life in its class.

Our reliability gives you the confidence to be your best. We believe in our American-made product so much we have provided the longest, most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Independently tested and certified.

Spring form steel headband for increased compression for those with a need for a tighter seal

This headband takes a stronger grip to separate the cups

Foldable design for compact storage

Preset at 15 decibels of amplification for operation in a constantly noisy environment

No high frequency filtering for those with high frequency hearing loss

Best value hearing protection in the price range

Every Pro Series hearing protector comes with a limited three year warranty - perfect to give you peace-of-mind that you have purchased the finest American-made electronic hearing protection available. Your Pro Series earmuffs are protected against defects in materials or workmanship for three years from the date of purchase by a limited warranty. Weighs only 7.6 ounces. Attack time of 5.5 milliseconds. Includes 4 N size batteries. Battery life is 300 hours. Available in black.

CO Shopper of Denver, CO - December, 15 2012:

I purchased these as a gift. The recipient was thrilled to death with this gift and loved them. He loved the gift and said they are great for target shooting.

Dave of Hesperia, CA - August, 28 2013:

I have had several types of passive and active hearing protection, and I was really, really disappointed with the poor quality of these ear muffs. I have found the Pro Ears 300 to be just a little bit better in quality but I am sad to say that anyone who has purchased even a medium quality pair of protectors, would be hard pressed to judge these as anything but lackluster. These are really no better than a $25-50, pair of Champion active hearing protectors. They seem to be medium quality initially, but it doesn't take long to find that medium quality construction might be the best feature overall. I will give them the star for battery life, but other than that they pick up all sorts of interference and that for active protection these things filter only they loudest sounds and mine sound like a car radio with a poor signal. I have tried everything to eliminate feedback and background noise but have been unsuccessful. Honestly these only belong at the range and that is if you have poor hearing to begin with, I'm really disappointed in the poor craftsmanship and I would really just spend the extra money and find a pair of BTE, active protectors, or I would spend the extra $40-50 that you can get the Pro Ears 300 for if you shop wisely, otherwise I would do much more research. I bought these after reading a few posts and reading the sales hype I thought it would be a good investment, while honestly I feel regret every time I open my safe, which is almost dail. These are overpriced and if you shop around. If you use a shotgun, and hunt birds from a fixed location, they may suit your purpose, but if you use a high-powered rifle (even my most quiet AR made these nearly useless) these probably aren't for you. If I purchase a product under $100 I usually take the poor experience and chock it up to my poor decision. However, I can't help but tell "POTENTIAL BUYERS TO STAY AWAY AND SHOP WISELY".

K Young of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL - January, 24 2011:

I wanted electronic hearing protection with as much noise reduction level as possible... as I recall these offer around 19db. You can hear perfectly (or better than that) when things are quiet, but as soon as the shooting starts, it shuts down and works great. Something else Iíve noticed is the long battery life. I was constantly changing the batteries in my last pair of muffs. With these, Iíve only had to change the battery once in the three months that I have owned them. I can't imagine that the $300 muffs could be very much better. Very pleased.

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