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Powertraveller Powermonkey Extreme Solar Charger
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Powertraveller Powermonkey Extreme Solar Charger
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Powertraveller Powermonkey Extreme Solar Charger
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Powertraveller Powermonkey Extreme Solar Charger

5.0 out of 5
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Powertraveller Powermonkey Extreme Solar Charger - The powermonkey extreme houses a massive Lithium Polymer battery and offers users real power in a compact, durable shell. The unit is capable of recharging most 5V devices, including an iPhone up to 6 times and standard mobile phones up to 12 times.


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Powertraveller Powermonkey Extreme Solar Charger - The powermonkey extreme has two output channels; one channel outputs 700mAh max (standard USB) whilst the DC port outputs 2.1Amps max to support the Apple iPad (iPad compatible cable included) and other 5v tablet computers. The powermonkey extreme can be recharged in three ways; via the universal mains charger, via the solar panel or via USB. Whilst the unit is recharging, the LCD screen will be red, once fully charged, the screen will turn green. When the unit is in use, the screen will be blue! The rugged, clam-shell design solar panel offers 3 Watt max output, allowing full recharge of the powermonkey extreme within 15 hours in optimum light conditions. The powermonkey extreme also has a solar energy detection feature which activates the incorporated state-of-the-art MPPT (maximum power point tracker) technology, allowing the solar panel to charge the powermonkey unit more efficiently in low light conditions.

  • Kit includes:
  • Powermonkey extreme battery unit
  • Solar panel
  • 8 mobile device tips (monkeynuts)
  • Black travel pouch, Velcro strap durable zipped travel case
  • Specs:
  • Total Weight: 16.22 oz
  • Size: 5.95"x2.25"x1.25"
  • Input/Output: 5 volts
  • Battery Chemical: Lithium Polymer

    Sara of Denver, CO - October, 25 2012:

    I recently used the extreme on a family car camping trip. It was awesome!! I was able to charge my phone several times and also charge my iPad. This product is great because you can take just the battery with you or the entire system. I charged the battery before I left (off the wall at home) and had plenty of juice to last me the entire trip. The Extreme is surprisingly light considering how much charge I got. If you are traveling with multiple people, are going on an extended trip or have several devises to charge, this product is great! My super gadget loving father-in-law was totally impressed also!

    Brett of Clearfield, UT - May, 01 2013:

    I got the PowerMonkey Extreme for a canoe trip to took to Yellowstone last year. I needed to charge an iPAD that we used for navigation, music, and a couple of movies. As well as charging my iPhone. I was a little worried because we were in a boat and it was GOING to get wet. it worked great!! The battery charged with the solar panel in about a day. I still use it a lot after my trip. it's awesome not being tied to an outlet. I use at at the airport, on road trips, even at home doing yard work. I never thought I'd get this much use out of it. I'm impressed!!

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