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Phone Skope Spotting Phone Case
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Phone Skope Spotting Phone Case
Comments: What is Phone Skope? Watch this and find out!
ProMag Industries
ProMag Industries

Phone Skope Spotting Phone Case


Phone Skope Spotting Phone Case- With this device you can capture video, photos, or both through your binoculars, spotting scope, rifle scope, microscope, telescope, or just about any other type of scope you can imagine.

Eyepiece adapter sold separately.

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Phone Skope Spotting Phone Case - This is the main part to our phone skope set up! Once you purchase a Case you need to buy the adapters to go with it to attach it to Spotting Scopes, Binoculars, Microscopes, Telescopes, etc.

Built out of very strong ABS plastic, this will handle a great amount of abuse and still protect your phone. We at Phone Skope have put them to the test, rain or shine they will impress you with crystal HD video!

Use our products along with smart phone to digiscope and capture quality photo's effortlessly through a spotting scope, binoculars, telescope, microscope, etc.

  • Built out of strong ABS plastic
  • Eyepiece adapter sold separately
  • Phone Skope for iPhone 6 Lifeproof IS NOT compatible with the NUUD model

Jrad of Draper, UT - July, 23 2013:

I bought one of these at sportsmans down the street! I have been in awe on how this works! Its so Simple and so easy to use! I have taken so many more pictures out scouting then I ever have and its so fun being able to share them with my hunting partners! What an awesome invention!

M.Twitchell of Cedar City, UT - July, 31 2013:

I have both this and the Vortex Digital Camera adapter for my Vortex Skyline ED. I don't even use the Vortex Digiscoping adapter anymore! This is so simple to use! Since I always carry my phone, I don't have to pack my digital camera anymore. One less piece of equipment I have to worry about in the field. Its perfect for scouting or videoing long range shooting at the range. I can see my hits every time when I don't have a spotter to help me. It's handy to have the picture and video on my camera too. Its easy to send them to friends and family or upload to facebook. Phone Skope hit a home run with this one!

Scott Young of Washington, UT - July, 31 2013:

PhoneSkope is by far the best system for taking video and pictures on your smart phone, off your hunting optics! It has made taking pictures with my I-phone5 and spotting scope so easy. It also helps in sharing those photos to buddies and on social media. It has saved me a big head ache and a ton of time all the way around with using my smart phone to take the images. there is no downloading SD cards and no hassle with phoneskope. If I can do it anyone can! I highly recommend this great product to all...

Tim of Rochester Mills, PA - July, 31 2013:

The adapter essentially acts as a case for the iPhone and is made out of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic. The case is slender and fits inside your pocket, which makes it convenient to carry. I really like the Phone Skope setup. It makes digiscoping easy, fun, and more enjoyable. Prior to my acquisition of the Phone Skope case, I held my phone up to the scope (hand-held), which resulted in blurry photos at awkward angles. Now, I can take high quality videos and photos without even touching the screen. My iPhone sets nicely on the scope and vignetting is minimal, which seems to be a problem with some digiscoping adapters. With the iPhone setup, I have been able to document rare birds, nesting behavior, and just downright cool sightings. Get yours today! It is downright amazing!

Corey McNeil of Parowan, UT - July, 31 2013:

I love my PhoneSkope!! I am an astronomy geek and use it with my Celestron. Super easy to use. Thing is tuff like a tank. I highly recommend phone skope to anyone who is into photography and astronomy.

T.J. of West Jordan, UT - July, 31 2013:

Going in the backcountry your looking for small lightweight and functional. I use Phoneskope for all those reasons. Setup is fast and simple and your able to show your friends what your looking at without moving from behind your optic. I also use it to help sight in my bow and firearms.Simply put your going to have your phone with you now days so why not capitalize on the wonderful camera it has and never miss that amazing moment again.Bring back high quality pictures and video to share your experience with more than just words. I recommend Phoneskope to everyone but your going to have to find out for yourself and share your experience. Good luck. Five stars from me. T.J.

TK of Salt Lake City, UT - July, 31 2013:

This setup is one of the most convienent digiscoping adapters on the market. Pull from your pocket or pack and slip it over your eyepiece. Just that fast you can take pictures and video. If you want to have the quickest draw in the west go with the Phone Skope.

Darrick of riverton, UT - August, 01 2013:

Been using this for a couple months now. it is the easiest product for digiscoping that i have found. It fits snug on the eyepiece and is stable. Its a great product and easy to use.

Kelly Cox i-VideoWildlife of Cedar City, UT - August, 02 2013:

Phone Skope is simply the highest quality and most affordable way to get into digi scoping. These products have helped me take amazing HD video and great still images for almost a year now. I don't leave home without it, because I always have my phone and keep the adapter in my truck or my pack, so you don't miss capturing those big bucks and bulls and everything else.

Dale of Hooper, UT - August, 02 2013:

Hands down one of the best pieces of gear in my pack. This is the easiest way to capture those once in a lifetime moments on a hunt or backcountry camping trip where you simply can't pack a telephoto lens and giant camera miles. Everybody carries their phone and with the technology in today's smart phones you can take high quality photos through your spotting scope with the Phone Skope. It's lightweight and tiny compared to the others I've seen. This is the right choice IMO.

Lance Harris of Roy, UT - August, 03 2013:

Simple, lightweight, and very easy to use. I never hunt or hike without mine. Plus I don't have to carry the extra weight of a camera since I always have my phone on me. Do yourself a favor and buy one!!

Jeremiah Pope of Meridian, ID - August, 03 2013:

A must have if you are a serious hunter or if you simply enjoy digiscoping. We have phones with us most of the time so why not have an adapter that is light weight and tough as nails that your phone can simply snap into and take high quality photos? If you can't tell I love this product and take mine on all hunts and backpacking trips. Well worth the money!

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