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Outdoor Edge SwingBlade Knives
Outdoor Edge
Outdoor Edge

Outdoor Edge SwingBlade Knives


Outdoor Edge SwingBlade Knives - Simply push the lock button and the blade changes from a drop-point skinner to the most functional gutting knife for big game. This innovative design cuts beneath the skin to open game like a zipper.

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Outdoor Edge SwingBlade Knives - The most innovative new hunting knife to hit the market in years. The SwingBlade is an international knife combining the design efforts of Outdoor Edge president David Bloch, EKA Knives of Sweden (founded in 1882) and professional Swedish hunter Thomas Ekberg. Simply push the lock button and the blade changes from a drop-point skinner to the most functional gutting knife for big game. This innovative design cuts beneath the skin to open game like a zipper. Eliminates the chance of cutting hair or internal organs. The SwingBlade is hand finished shaving sharp from AUS-8 stainless steel and subzero quenched for superior edge retention and performance. Rubberized Kraton® handles ensure a positive, non-slip grip, even when wet. The SwingBlade comes complete with a quality nylon belt sheath and is lifetime guaranteed.

Aichi AUS-8 stainless steel blade
3.6" skinning blade
3.2" gutting blade
8.3" overall length
Vacuum heat treatment subzero quenched Rockwell-C hardness: 57-58
Rubberized Kraton® handle in black or blaze orange
Nylon sheath

Skinning Blade: 3.6" (9 cm)
Gutting Blade: 3.2" (8.1 cm)
Overall Length: 8.3" (12 cm)
Steel: Aichi AUS-8 Stainless
Vacuum heat treatment
& subzero quenched Rockwell-C
hardness: 57-58
Handle: Rubberized Kraton®

Smith of Springs, CO - May, 04 2011:

The swingblade is a GREAT design! It has everything you may need and it's all put together in a compact package. It uses AUS 8 stainless steel that has proven to be durable and long lasting. Thats what I wanted. The open face hook is very easy to use and does not jam up on you in the field. Super easy to clean also.

Carl Karrasch of Eatonville, DC - November, 17 2012:

Bought the Swingblaze (orange) in August and very impressed 1Elk and 2Deer without sharpening and still going!

Ross of Colorado Springs , CO - February, 07 2013:

Excellent knife. Would recommend to everyone looking for a great knife

Kevin Whitacre of Idaho Falls, ID - December, 07 2009:

Bravo Outdoor Edge, bravo! Whoever came up with the idea for the Swingblade deserves a raise. Anyone who has ever used a gut hook knows how cool they are, and how much time they can save you cleaning an animal. Most of those people also know that a ""traditional"" guy hook has some serious limitations. The opening on most gut hooks is so small that the thick hide on many animals pretty much won't fit in them. The Swingblade is the answer to that problem. The gut hook side of the knife is completely open, and works with a pushing motion instead of the regular pulling motion. The knob at the end of the gut hook prevents you from cutting stuff that you don't want to cut, and the edge is so sharp right out of the box that it requires very little effort to cut. And since it has an open design, you can actually sharpen it when it needs it! The regular knife end of the blade is a very nice drop-point blade, with just the right amount of belly. The blade on the Swingblade is high-quality AUS 8 stainless, so maintaining an edge isn't a problem. I have always preferred a fixed-blade knife for animal cleaning. They give me peace of mind that there's no lock failure possible, and I can focus on cleaning. The cool thing about the Swingblade is that it basically two fixed-blade knives in one. There's a push button on the side of the handle that releases the blade so it can swing, but when you are using the knife, you're effectively holding the back of the blade you're not cutting with, so there's no chance of cutting yourself with the other blade. Very clever! The handle has a rubber coating over Kraton, and has a nice sticky feel to it, even covered with blood. It comes with a very nice nylon belt sheath, and the handle is either black or bright orange. Overall, I think this is a fantastic knife, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a hunting knife.

Tony of phoenix, AZ - August, 30 2010:

I wasn't sure about this knife, but after skinning 4 Elk I couldn't recommend this knife enough. it really does open up elk like someone installed a zipper.

J.Robbin Hajek of Central Point, OR - January, 23 2011:

This knife is by far and away the best and most well thought-out product for field dressing game animals that I have ever used.THIS QUALITY PRODUCT FROM OUTDOOR EDGE IS OUTSTANDING.A MUST HAVE KNIFE FOR ANY HUNTER!I have the knife/saw combo,LOVE IT.5 STAR PRODUCT FOR SURE.

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