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Nutriom OVA Easy Eggs 4.5oz

Nutriom OVA Easy Eggs 4.5oz



Nutriom OVA Easy Eggs 4.5ozNutriom OVA Easy Eggs 4.5oz - shelf stable egg that retains the fresh taste and functionality of shell eggs. Great for camping, RV's, home storage and more. Shelf life is 18 months and no refrigeration required.

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Nutriom OVA Easy Eggs 4.5oz - Ova Easy is made with a revolutionary new technology that gently evaporates water from fresh eggs resulting in a dry, shelf stable egg that retains the fresh taste and functionality of shell eggs. Ova Easy is all natural pasteurized egg, contains no chemical additives or preservatives and is USDA approved and produced under continuous USDA inspection. Tastes like fresh shell eggs.

  • 4.5oz is equivalent to 12 shell eggs
  • All natural egg with no preservatives or chemicals
  • 18 months with no refrigeration required
  • Pasteurized and resistant to contamination
  • Simply add add water, wisk and cook as you would normally cook eggs

    Amy of Salt Lake City, UT - June, 15 2011:

    This is an excellent product to take on a backpacking or camping trip because they are lightweight, taste excellent and one package goes a long way. I tested them out at home because I had a hard time believing they would taste as good as regular eggs, but they really do!

    Ken Combs of Middleton, ID - July, 06 2011:

    For an egg in a bag, this is quite tasty and makes for a quick and easy breakfast out camping.

    Dale of Saratoga Springs, UT - October, 27 2010:

    I tried this product at home first and wow, tastes just like I cracked eggs from the refridgerator and prepared them. Very easy to make, comes with a scoop to measure powdered eggs and water. Ziploc bag stores away in the CUPBOARD. Makes about 12 eggs as stated on the package. Great product for Camping, RV, emergency or home. The price is very reasonable as well.

    Robert of New Castle, VA - June, 09 2012:

    To date these are the best long term storage eggs I have found. Tried them for the first time today and actually wanted to fix more after the first. I cannot tell them from Egg B... that you buy in the local grocery. The texture and flavor is near perfect.

    M of Phoenix, AZ - June, 14 2015:

    They were surprising good but they stick to your pan. Great with bacon bits or diced jerky.

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