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Northland Slurpies Tube

Northland Slurpies Tube

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Northland Slurpies Tube - Slurpies small-fry tube is designed with a holotube body, teaser tail and is infused with SowSauce, comes with rigging hooks.

Northland Slurpies Tube - Designed with a Baitfish-Image™ hollow tube body and tantalizing teaser tail Panfish can't resist! Sparkling holographic FishFlakes flash & shimmer like iridescent fish scales to lure fish from a wide radius, while a salted & spiced attractor scent called Sow-Sauce entices the reluctant biters!

Baitfish-Image™ hollow tube body
Tantalizing teaser tail
Sparkling holographic FishFlakes
Scent called Sow-Sauce

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Item # Color Length Model Price Quantity
1168939 Silver Shiner 2" ST2-11 $3.99
1168940 Gold Shiner 2" ST2-12 $3.99
In Stock
1168941 Perch 2" ST2-23 $3.99
In Stock
1168942 Glow Chub 2" ST2-24 $3.99
In Stock
1168943 Glow Sunfish 2" ST2-26 $3.99
In Stock
1168945 Bluegill 2" ST2-27 $3.99
1200438 Shrimp 2" ST2-61 $3.99
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