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Northland Jaw Breaker

Northland Jaw Breaker

$4.89 - $4.99

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Northland Jaw Breaker - The Jaw-Breaker Spoon is a weedless top water lure that is stamped from solid brass with a "Y" weedguard and limber-legs swimming skirt.

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Northland Jaw Breaker - A totally weedless top-water lure that slithers, wiggles and wobbles through heavy lily pads, matted grass, milfoil, hydrilla and wild rice beds for big Bass, Northern Pike & Muskie. It's stamped from solid brass, and features a genuine Mustad® Ultra-Point™ hook, a totally weedless plastic "Y" weedguard, and our tantalizing new Limber-legs® action-tail skirt!

Stamped from solid brass
Features a genuine Mustad® Ultra-Point™ hook
Weedless plastic "Y" weedguard
Tantalizing new Limber-legs® action-tail skirt

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Item # Color Weight Model Price Quantity
438537 Parakeet 0.5 oz JBS-1015 $4.89
438538 Sunrise 0.5 oz JBS-108 $4.89
In Stock
438535 Silver Shiner 0.5 oz JBS-11 $4.99
In Stock
1030006 Green Frog 0.5 oz JBS-15 $4.99
In Stock
438536 Firetiger 0.5 oz JBS-22 $4.99
In Stock
438534 Black Shiner 0.5 oz JBS-3 $4.99
In Stock
1030003 Crawfish 0.5 oz JBS-38 $4.99
In Stock
1030007 Red 0.5 oz JBS-91 $4.89
In Stock
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