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Nightforce NXS Rifle Scopes
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Nightforce NXS Rifle Scopes
Comments: Nightforce is the leader in long range precision rifle scopes.

Nightforce NXS Rifle Scopes

Sale: $1,958.99 - $2,150.00
Reg: $2,025.00 - $2,150.00

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Nightforce NXS Rifle Scopes -Born from Mil-Spec requirements and designed from the ground up, the NXS™ line of battlefield ready precision riflescopes stand ready to function flawlessly under the harshest extremes and meet your most demanding needs.

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Nightforce NXS Rifle Scopes -The NXS™ models continue with the military small arms based 3.5-15x50, Nightforces most proven long-range riflescope the 5.5-22x56, and push out to the extreme with the 8-32x56. From the proprietary Mil-Spec bonding agent incorporated in the optical mounting package which ensures no metal to glass contact, to the hardened bronze materials utilized in the adjustment and erector tube assemblies, the Nightforce NXS™ family of riflescopes define Rugged, Reliable, Repeatable™.

There is a Nightforce NXS™ riflescope available for your shooting application. Trusted by world record holders and the tactical community alike, Nightforce NXS riflescopes are there when every shot counts.

  • Every Nightforce scope is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own it
  • Side-Focus, High-Speed Adjustment, and Zero Stop
  • The most advanced field tactical scopes ever produced
  • The ultimate long range riflescopes

Jared of Malad, ID - March, 29 2012:

I went with the 5.5-22x56. It's been a really good scope. The reticle is the NP-R1, the black stitched one. I've shot some really tight groups with this scope. I've also taken a few shots in really low light with absolutely no trouble. Really nice scope, if you're willing to pay for it.

John of Riverton, UT - May, 14 2012:

Disclaimer Alert! I work at Sportsman's...that being said I have always been into optics and absolutely love this scope. I have a few higher end scopes but after looking at this they don't really compare. Read a million reviews and agree with all of them that it has super high-quality build, crystal clear...saving up for this one if it ever goes on sale.

Craig Fisher of Twin Falls, ID - December, 28 2013:

I currently have two Nightforce NXS 5.5x50 with NP-R1 and NP-R2 reticles. I prefer the NP-R1. I also have a Swarofski Z6 and a Zeiss Victory. Neither of these scopes come close in comparison to my Nightforce in viewing quality or manufacturing quality. I could have purchased four Nightforce scopes for what I paid for the Swarovsky and Zeiss and had change leftover. The Nightforce scopes with Zero-Stop absolutely can't be beat for long range shooting and strength. Additionally, Nightforce's customer survice is absolutely "next to none", whether you need something done done to your scope or just have a question answered. The best part is they are an American domiciled company, headquartered in Orofino, Idaho. They are built by hunters and shooters for hunters and shooters. I've never had better service with anything I've purchased in the past five decades. These are just about as close to what a perfect scope is costing far less money than the european manufactured scopes. You just can't beat them!

Marteee of Phoenix, AZ - July, 28 2014:

I bought an NXS 5.5x22x56 in-store display model. It was defective and wouldn't repeat. Got a replacement in a factory sealed box which functioned perfectly, zeroed at 200 yards, repeatedly hit a 12 " target at 700 yds and dialed precisely back to zero at 200 yards. Next I bought an ATACR 5x25x56 factory sealed in the box. It would not repeat and could not be zeroed at 200 yards. Score = 1 out of 3. They are great when they work. I think I have had unusually bad luck so I have not given up on Nightforce and continue to work to sort out the second failure which has been a trial for all of us.

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Item # Length Weight Finish Magnification Objective Diameter (mm) Reticle Brand Price Quantity
1300590 15.1 .in 31 oz Matte Black 5.5-22x 50.0 MOAR Nightforce $2,028.00
In Stock
1300589 15.2 in. 32 oz Matte Black 5.5-22x 56.0 MOAR Nightforce $2,028.00
In Stock
1300588 15.2 in. 32 oz Matte Black 5.5-22x 56.0 Velocity 1000 HVM.5 Nightforce Sale: $2,025.00
Reg: $2,150.00
In Stock
1300593 15.p in. 34 oz Matte Black 8-32x 56.0 MOAR Nightforce $2,125.00
In Stock
1268226 15.2 in. 32 oz Matte Black 5.5-22x 56.0 NP-R1 Nightforce Sale: $1,958.99
Reg: $2,025.00
In Stock
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