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Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater MH9BX
Mr Heater
Mr Heater

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater MH9BX



Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater MH9BX - This indoor safe, propane heater sets the new standard for today's portable heaters.

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Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater MH9BX - With a large heating surface, fold down handle, swivel-out fuel connection, and an easy-start four-position control, Mr. Heater sets the new standard for today's propane heaters. The Portable Buddy is certified by CSA International with low-oxygen (ODS) and tip-over safety shut-off systems to provide safe, reliable, heat anytime, anywhere. Whether you're tent camping, RV'ing, warming up chilly workspaces, or sitting in a duck blind, you need a Buddy!

  • CSA certified for safe indoor and outdoor use
  • 2 heat settings- 4,000 & 9,000 BTU's
  • Fold down handle
  • Swivel regulator
  • Larger Tile
  • Can connect to a 20 lb cylinder with optional
  • Hose and fuel filter
  • Accidental tip-over safety shutoff
  • Oxygen depletion

Kelly of Riverton, UT - June, 23 2011:

This product is good for lower elevations. Tried to use it deer hunting one year and it would not stay lit. If you are going above 7,000 feet you need a different unit but for home or lower elevation uses this thing works well.

Cleatus of Centerville, UT - November, 02 2010:

For the most part it worked like a champ. Kept me and my family warm all night in 20 degree weather. However, after leaving it running all night it left a liquid on the bottom of my tent.

Jeremy of Midvale, UT - September, 30 2011:

Several comments have been made about how these units work at altitude. The reviewers are correct, they are NOT designed to work above 7000 feet, although sometimes they will. This is due to the Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) which automatically shuts the unit off when lower oxygen levels are detected. As you go up in elevation, there are lower oxygen levels, until you reach a point that "trips" the ODS, and shuts down the unit. This is designed as a safety feature to help keep people from killing themselves accidently. Many factors influence performance, causing some units to run fine some of the time at 8,000 feet, and some units to be very finicky at 6,000 feet. Changing air pressure from weather changes, ventilation, time the unit has been running and even air temperature all play a part in how a unit will operate. If you are in the field, and the unit starts shutting down after a few minutes here are a couple of things you can try. First, increase ventilation to the area you are in. More airflow equals more oxygen and a better chance the unit will run. Second, try elevating the unit up off the ground. Raising it 12-24" will put it into different air, and it may run better at that point. Third, if neither of those are helping, shut it down for 15 or 20 minutes before starting it up again. This will allow airflow to replenish some of the oxygen in the environment, and you may be able to relight the heater and get it to run for a while. If none of that works, or most of the use will be above 7000 feet, then a different model of heater is what you really need. Finally, PLEASE keep in mind that no heater is 100% safe. All of these burn oxygen and have the potential to kill you if you are not careful how and when you operate them. You should NEVER sleep with a heater running, or use them in spaces without sufficient ventilation. As bad as it is to get a little chilly at night, it is much worse to not wake up.

Cary Alburn of Fort Collins, CO - December, 11 2012:

I have had an earlier model (without the folding handle or flexing connector) of this heater for several years but only started using it regularly 2 years ago, on my annual fly-in camp-out to Marble, CO, elev. 7800', temps 25-30F. It has worked perfectly each time. I start with a full 1 lb. tank. It takes the chill off the evening in my large, well-ventilated tent, running on "low". I then turn it to pilot-only for the night. About half an hour before getting up, I turn it on to "high", which warms the tent so that getting up is pleasant, rather than getting out of a warm sleeping bag into a freezing tent. I then turn it to "low", so the tent remains warm while I fix breakfast outside. Then I come back into a pleasantly warm tent to get ready for the day. By the time I'm finished, it has just about used up a 1 lb. tank. This is truly a great little heater. For longer term use than just a couple of nights, I have a larger tank, hose, and filter, because it does use up the propane. But it's hard to complain about a device that works so very well.

Chad Fraser of West Jordan, UT - November, 17 2009:

I love this heater!!! It's great to stay warm in your tent and not worry about poisoning yourself with carbonmonoxide. This heater is also alot safer. A small propane canister will last about 8 hrs. on medium. My wife and I have used the TexSport type which connects directly to a large propane bottle but it gets really hot and my wife burned her hand once, and forget about children! But since we bought the Mr. Heater we've loved it.

Tom Timmons of Mesa, AZ - November, 24 2009:

I would recommend this Heater to anyone who is going camping. I would also recommend buying the Hose and Fuel filter that I was recommended by the outstanding employees at the Mesa Store. I stayed nice and toasty in my trailer and my tent.

BILL of ABUQUERQUE, NM - April, 10 2010:

Do NOT buy fou use in NM mountains above 6000 ft. It will NOT stay it. Sent mine back twice at my expense to no avail.

Bill Taylor of Jerome, ID - May, 19 2010:

Great unit as long as you are careful about a few things. If you use are larger than 1lb tank make sure you have an inline filter. These things jam up really quickly from the oil in bulk purchase propane. And you will want to get a 25lb or so tank for this thing cause is very cold temps it will burn through 1lbers really quick.

Michael Bear of Billings, MT - July, 21 2010:

Well to start off with, for the NM guy you should learn a little something about propane and high elevations. I on the Big buddy and use it in my Ice shanty and I can honestly say it is awesome in there in fact you can't use it on the high setting in there or it cooks you out. I have also used it in my house in the late spring for taking the chill off in the morning. Coyote hunting from a large shack. I can honestly say I have never been cold as long as I had my heater with me. As the person mentioned though if you have it on high it will eat up some propane. it will use 2 - 1 lb cylinders in about 3 and half hours on high. so the bulk tank hose and filter is a good investment. They will pay for themselves in the use of one tank. I would and do recommend this heater to anyone.

Trent of Orem, UT - January, 04 2011:

Love this heater. Take it ice fishing all the time and stay nice and warm while i'm catching my fish and havin a beer.

Proctor of Kearns, UT - January, 10 2011:

Awesome heater! Recently I've been using it while ice fishing in sub zero temps(Strawberry Reservoir, UT). Keeps the temps inside my 3-person ice tent between 70-80 degrees while on high. Believe it! A 25 gallon bulk tank/extension hose is the way to go. Expecially if you are planning on ice fishing all day or camping over night. It's no fun to wake up to snot freezing to your face at 3am in 20 degree temps because the little tank ran out of propane.

gary of bloomfield, PA - January, 16 2014:

I was impressed with the amount of heat it produced.

Nastassia of West Valley City, UT - January, 07 2015:

I love this heater, my husband and I use it ice fishing and it keeps us warm! It's not too big so it doesn't get in the way of a 2 man tent. We have used it camping before too, I don't know what I would do without this heater!

Dave Northam of Benton City, WA - January, 29 2015:

Old tried and true product. Good service by Sportsman's Warehouse Thanks

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