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4 Steps to Saving Your Home This Winter: Portable Heater Safety 101

Here we are in the middle of another winter. When Jack Frost is breathing down your neck it's nice to have something keeping you warm. With January being the coldest month chances are you're looking for something to keep you warm whether you're staying in or playing outside. Portable heaters become very popular during this time of year, so it's no surprise that going along with being the coldest month, January also has the highest amount of reported house fires. Half of all home heating fires occur between December and February so now is a good time to take steps to make sure you and your home are safe from home heating fires this winter.Read More ...

1. Give Your Heater Some Room to Work

It's a fact, in order for your house to burn down the fire has to start somewhere. The closer things are to your heater the more likely they are to burn. That means keeping your clothes out of the way and keeping the heater away from curtains and bedding. You probably don't like people getting up in your business, and neither do heaters so keep it out of walking paths so it doesn't get tipped over. In general you should give your heater a nice space bubble of about 3 feet.

2. Don't Even Think About Sleeping with a Portable Heater Running

Sleeping with a portable heater in the room is one of the leading causes of house fires. Over 37% of portable heater fires start in the bedroom.. My wife has a fun little story where she was sleeping with a heater on at night and it caught fire. Luckily she caught it before it did too much damage, but the risk is real and she's learned to not have heaters running while you're in bed. Instead of running your space heater all night just pile on a few more blankets and you'll be warm enough in no time.

3. Make Sure You Have Proper Ventilation

Propane heaters are a very popular choice for winter hunters and campers. They are also great at heating up a garage or shop, as well as your house in times of emergency. Many portable propane heaters, such as the Mr. Heater Buddy, are safe to use indoors; however, if you're running a propane heater in your shop or house make sure that you have some air coming in and out of the room that you're working in. You know what is worse than being cold in your house when your furnace breaks or the power goes out? That's right, carbon monoxide poisoning or death. Propane heaters give off carbon monoxide, an odorless, poisonous gas which can kill you. The Mr. Heater line have an emergency low oxygen level shutoff built into them, but it is still advised to give your heater some ventilation.

4. Never Leave Your Heater Unattended

Why would you want to leave the warmth of a nice heater? I know, right? Still, this is especially important for those with small children and pets. Both my kid and my dog love to knock things over, all it would take is me leaving the room for thirty seconds and a fire could easily be started. The Mr. Heater line comes with an accidental tip-over safety shutoff switch, but you'll still want to keep an eye on things. If you have dogs, cats or small children roaming around the house you'll want to put this one at the top of your list.

Be sure to read all the warning information for whatever portable heater you have, otherwise you could be standing on the street watching your house and everything you own burn to the ground. Stay warm and stay safe!

Mr. Heater

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