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OnXMaps Hunting Premium GPS Maps for Garmin GPS

OnXMaps Hunting Premium GPS Maps for Garmin GPS

$99.99 - $119.99

OnXMaps Hunting Premium GPS Maps for Garmin GPS - These Statewide PLAT Book maps make it easy to see where you are at relative to public and private property boundaries.

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OnXMaps Hunting Premium GPS Maps for Garmin GPS - These Statewide PLAT Book maps make it easy to see where you are at relative to public and private property boundaries. These pre-loaded SD/MicroSD cards give you color coded maps showing landowner names, public lands, GMU's, topo information, roads, trails, and much more. Just plug the Plat Map card into your GPS memory card slot and you're ready to go. Never again worry about wandering on to private land. With the supplied landowner names, you'll be able to get in touch with any given landowner to gain access. Don't miss another opportunity by not knowing who owns what! Available for States:
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Washington

  • Offers ownership info for:
  • BLM
  • National Forest
  • State Parks
  • Wildlife Areas
  • National Wildlife Refuges
  • State Land
  • Military Lands
  • And Other Government Lands
  • Uses 24K Topo maps

Mike of Berthoud, CO - July, 08 2013:

These maps are extremely useful. They layout the areas that are in play and those that are not. They also have viewable contact information in case you need to contact landowners before entering private property.

Dave of Sterling, CO - September, 10 2013:

Awesome for finding land owners to make sure you are on the right property

Mike of Spokane, WA - September, 11 2013:

I have not figured out all the features on the Garmin unit but I have figured out the most important ones. They are turning on the Hunting GPS Map system, zoom and color features. There are 3 counties in Washington State that do not make land owner information readily available so that information is not available in those places. One of those counties happens to be the primary location I hunt in. I know most of the land owners in the area so this is not a big deal and I will not write my review based on that information. One of the areas I am bow hunting is a 16,000 acre piece of BLM land with a section of State Land dead center. This land holds some of the biggest Muley's I have seen however there are very few points to access it from. The Topo features of the Garmin maps allowed me to pick out some areas that showed potential cover for the deer to move without being seen from high human traffic areas. I was also able to see property lines clearly, something that kept me away from edges and prime cover in the past. Now where the system really shines is close to home. I have a route I run hunting coyotes throughout the year and have seen numerous deer, both Whitetail and Muleys. I just was not able to hunt the deer because I did not know where the public land is or the property owners I needed to contact for permission. Today I went out and started to make my coyote loop. I was sidetracked by several 1/2 section to multiple section pieces of DNR and State land that I did not know existed. All of these pieces of land are less than 30 minutes from my home! All of them showed minimal traffic and all of them had fresh sign of Deer and Turkey. In fact I actually spotted several dozen turkeys on my little adventure. To make a long story short, this map system combined with Garmin technology is a must have for anybody serious about hunting. Not only does it show you exactly where you are but it also shows land owner information, as well as public land information.

Daniel of Albuquerque, NM - September, 11 2013:

This map is amazing. I was able to locate and hunt small pockets of state land that I never knew existed. Also helps to avoid trespassing on private lands and Indian reservations.

JasonMT79 of Butte, MT - November, 21 2013:

This product Rocks! I have used this to find chunks of land that allot of people think are private. Easy to use, easy to read, overall great. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys hunting and fishing.

Terry O of tipton, IN - November, 24 2013:

I was very happy to receive my micro chip and get it loaded into my GPS. This software has very concise and detailed boundary markers, landowner information, and color coded blocks. It is easy to see private land, state land, forest boundaries, corporate owned land, as well as the GPU numbers. Applying for tags will be easier each year thanks to this software.

Kent Anderson of Helena, MT - July, 02 2015:

Hands down the most essential piece of equipment in my pack. If I don't know where I'm at it's hard to hunt anything, but large tracts of land, which everyone can find. I now find pockets of small parcels as well as access points I would otherwise miss. Get this product if you haven't yet and see what exactly you've been missing. Nevermind I'll take the upperhand.

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