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MTM Ammo Box Rifle 50RD
MTM Products
MTM Products

MTM Ammo Box Rifle 50RD

$3.99 - $14.99

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MTM Ammo Box Rifle 50RD - Bullets are placed in the box in the down position and are protected by four special fingers. These fingers are designed to keep most bullet tips from hitting the bottom of the box.

MTM Ammo Box Rifle 50RD - These are the original CASE-GARD ammo boxes. Made of virtually indestructible polypropylene that will not warp, crack, chip, peel, expand or contract, MTM CASE-GARD rifle ammunition cases are still the first choice of rifle enthusiasts throughout the world. MTM's famous living hinge boxes are guaranteed for 1 million open-close cycles or ten years. Snap-Lock latch protects contents from accidental spilling.

Flip-top boxes protect ammunition from moisture and dust
Feature a textured surface and stackable design
Includes label for recording custom load data

Rich Bedell of Auburn, CA - August, 05 2011:

The size that I purchased was recommended for Magnum rounds. When I tried to place my 7mm RemMag round into it they would not fit "primer down". All 50 rounds easily fit turned over with the point down but I'm not to happy about having even a small amount of wear on the tips of my rounds. I haven't shot any since buying this box, to see if my accuracy has been degraded but we'll see. I am probably just being paranoid.

robert pensinger of millington, TN - August, 30 2014:

Every MTM product I have purchased has been high in quality reasonably priced. These ammo boxes are well made, sturdy and have a good closing seal. One thing I did was cut out a piece of foam the length, width and thickness of the lid to help protect the hollow points and keeps them from rattling around.

Sam of Tucson, AZ - February, 12 2015:

They work well.

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Item # Color Cartridge Price Quantity
305887 Green 22 Hornet, 223 Remington and 30 Carbine $5.99
In Stock
310656 Green 378 Weatherby to 500 Nitro Express $14.99
In Stock
305939 Green 25-06, 270 Win and 30-06 $3.99
In Stock
305940 Clear Blue 25-06, 270 Win and 30-06 $3.99
In Stock
305941 Green 220 Swift, 243 Win and 308 Win $4.99
In Stock
305942 Clear Blue 220 Swift, 243 Win and 308 Win $4.99
In Stock
1169081 Green 7mm WSM, 300 WSM and 45-70 $3.99
305945 Green 17 Remington, 204 Ruger and 223 Remin $3.99
In Stock
310660 Clear Blue 17 Remington, 204 Ruger and 223 Remin $3.99
In Stock
305947 Clear Blue 22-250, 250 Savage and 35 Remington $3.99
In Stock
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