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MSR Reactor 1 Liter Backpacking Stove System
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MSR Reactor 1 Liter Backpacking Stove System
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MSR Reactor 1 Liter Backpacking Stove System
Comments: See why the MSR Reactor Stove is a cut above the rest

MSR Reactor 1 Liter Backpacking Stove System

4.0 out of 5
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MSR Reactor 1 Liter Backpacking Stove System - The Reactor Stove System not only boils water at mind blowing speed but it does it while burning less fuel. More than just a fair weather stove, MSR designed the Reactor to truly shine when things get cold and wet.

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MSR Reactor 1 Liter Backpacking Stove System - More than just hype, the Reactor Stove System incorporates an all new pot and burner design that is unlike anything you've seen before. Plain and simple the Reactor allows you to carry less fuel and get cooking faster. With MSR's time tested attention to detail and workmanship you'll know your stove can stand up to season after season of hard use. The Reactor burner and fuel canister pack into the 1 liter pot for a compact self contained system. The combination of a unique radiant heat burner head and heat exchanger pot will boil two cups of water in 1.5 minutes, that boil time is nearly unaffected by wind or bitter cold weather. Due to the heat exchanger completely enclosing the radiant burner head, virtually all the effects of wind have been eliminated to maintain outstanding boil times and save fuel. System includes the Reactor Pot and Stove, a BPA free Strainer Lid, PackTowl Pot Protector, and a folding / locking handle. Fuel not included.

  • Weight: 14.7 oz
  • Burn time per 227g / 8 oz canister: Appx. 80 minutes
  • Boil time: 0.5 liter in 1.5 minutes - 1 liter in 3.5 minutes
  • Water boiled per 227g canister: 20 liters
  • Water boiled per 1 oz of fuel: 2.5 liters
  • Country of Origin: Stove Made in USA, Pot Made in Thailand

    John of Bluffdale, UT - May, 08 2013:

    I hike and backpack almost year round and needed a stove that would work in the cold and at high altitude, the reactor does both. I LOVE that boil times are just about the same in high winds. I thought about doing a liquid fuel but they are too heavy and require you to bring way to much fuel. This stove is more expensive than some pocket stoves but it pays for its self on fuel use alone.

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