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Lodge Charcoal Chimney Starter
Lodge Manufacturing
Lodge Manufacturing

Lodge Charcoal Chimney Starter



Lodge Charcoal Chimney Starter - Charcoal chimney starter speeds heating process for charcoal briquettes. Just takes newspaper & a match.


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Lodge Charcoal Chimney Starter - 12" high, 6-1/2" diameter charcoal starter, holds plenty of charcoal briquettes for faster heating in a confined space. Wood handle allows easy portability to the grill or cooking table. Outside use only.

Charcoal briquettes ready in 10 minutes
Large wood handle for portability

James of Bradenton, FL - January, 16 2011:

This thing starts coals unlike anything I've ever used. DON'T GET ONE WITHOUT THE HEAT SHIELD! Very easy to light your coals. I've used mine several times now and it is awesome for me. My only recommendation when you use this is to put in a couple more coal then you need as because when you light up the coals and let it set to ignite all the coals, the bottom few coals are consumed very quickly and are kind of small when the top coals are ready to use. The only bad note was I guess during shipping mine was crushed (just a little bit) and the bottom screen became unfixed from the little holders. I had some stainless-steel wire and I used that to lash and secure the grate back into the bottom. Works like a charm.

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