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Ledge Featherlite Sleeping Bag

Ledge Featherlite Sleeping Bag

$59.99 - $109.99
4.6 out of 5
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Ledge Featherlite Sleeping Bag - Ultralight and priced just right.

Ledge Featherlite Sleeping Bag - Super light, super priced, and super sexy to boot. These bags are great for everyone from the weekend warrior to the guy looking for a backpack bag that won't break the bank.

  • Drawstring Closure
  • Barrel Locks
  • Thermo-Shield
  • Thermo-Collar
  • Contour Adjustable hood
  • External pocket
  • Anti-snag Architecture
  • Versatile Webbing Eyelets
  • Anti-Crawl Zipper stops
  • Equal Depth Foot Box
  • Water resistant Compression Stack

    Doug of Kenai, AK - April, 21 2011:

    This is a great bag for the cost. I have seen a few adults in the Boy Scouts of America using this bag and like the light weight for back packing. I like the pocket to keep tissiue or a small flashlight in it and how small it is to save room.

    Doug of Kenai, AK - April, 21 2011:

    This is a great company, as a scoutmaster in the BSA I see lots of bags and these are great for the cost and quality. I like the pocket for keeping tissue or a small flash light. I realy like how small they are and the light weight for back packing.

    Gretchen of Nampa, ID - March, 14 2014:

    I searched a lot before chose a sleeping bag to purchase. The reason for that is because I wanted a sleeping bag that was reasonably light weight and would hold up in the cold weather well. I also wasn't going to pay an incredible amount of money for the bag. The time I spent searching definitely paid off with this bag. It isn't the lightest bag out there, but very reasonable. It does well in the cold weather. (I have only been in -10 degree so far). The price was very good for what I got.

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    Item # Size Weight (lbs) Model Temp Rating Fill Fill Weight Price Quantity
    1215745 32" x 84" 3.4 lbs. Featherlite 20 deg 20 Hibernate Extrem 1.5 lbs $59.99
    In Stock
    1215747 32" x 84" 3.8 lbs. Featherlite 0 deg 0 Hibernate Extrem 1.9 lbs $69.99
    1215748 32" x 84" 5.7 lbs. Featerlite -20 deg -20 Hibernate Extrem 4.0 lbs $84.99
    1215749 32" x 84" 7.5 lbs. Featherlite -40 deg -40 Hibernate Extrem 6.0 lbs $109.99
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