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Kodiak Canvas Deluxe 4 Season Tent with Awning
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Kodiak Canvas Deluxe 4 Season Tent with Awning
Comments: Click here to see just how easy it is to set up your Canvas tent.
Kodiak Canvas
Kodiak Canvas

Kodiak Canvas Deluxe 4 Season Tent with Awning

$499.99 - $649.99

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Kodiak Canvas 4 Season Tent with Awning- Deluxe Flex-Bow Model Tent that is sure to provide you with the best possible comfort.

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Kodiak Canvas Deluxe 4 Season Tent with Awning - Just because your camping doesn't mean you have to rough it. If you are serious about the outdoors, it's time you have a serious tent. The Kodiak Canvas deluxe canvas tent loaded with all the best features. The Flex-Bow Frame is exceptionally sturdy. The frame keeps the tent taut and it is quick and easy for one-person to set-up. The Flex-Bow Rods are manufactured by 3/8", solid, spring steel. Wall poles are made from heavy-duty galvanized steel 1" tube uprights.

This tent stands up to wind and snow (Not designed for heavy accumulations of snow). The floor is manufactured from a super-duty, polyester reinforced 16 oz vinyl. Top-rated YKK nylon coil zippers with durable nickel sliders are used throughout the tent. #10 zippers on the doors and #8 zippers on the windows and vents. Kodiak Canvas tents feature Hydra-Shield Canvas that is made with a superior, marine-grade, 100% cotton. It is a custom woven and treated canvas ideal for the purpose of premium tent making and it is double-fill (two threads twisted together for superior strength, durability, and a very tight weave). It has a silicone, dry-finish treatment that is watertight, breathable, and durable. It also resists mold and mildew. What does this mean? You will stay dry, even in a downpour! It's okay to touch ceiling and inside walls during a rainstorm. This canvas does not leak or wick water. Unlike synthetic fabrics, or canvas with a paraffin or oil-based treatment, our canvas is breathable! This allows water vapor to escape, minimizing condensation, humidity, and mugginess.

Simply put, you are more comfortable. Unlike canvas with paraffin or oil-based treatments, you should rarely, if ever have to retreat the canvas. Hydra-Shield's silicone-based treatment is durable and very long-lasting. The canvas is strong and durable. It will hold up to the elements, and long outlive tents made with inferior fabrics. Available in 3 sizes.

  • Ceiling material 10 oz. hydra-shield canvas
  • Wall material 85 oz. hydra-shield canvas
  • Floor material 16 oz. vinyl polyester reinforced, seamless
  • Frame 1 in., galvanized, steel tubing
  • Flex-Bow Rods: 3/8-inch, solid, spring steel.
  • All-season: Use year-round, but not designed for extreme winter mountaineering or heavy snow accumulations.
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty.

Ed of San Jose, CA - November, 29 2009:

I just used this tent for the first time. A little difficult to set up but worth it once it was up. It is very easy to breakdown and getting it to fit into the bag is simple. Many people at my campsite were interested in this tent and had never heard of Kodiak Canvas before.

tom of las vegas, NV - December, 22 2014:

I have the 10X14 Kodiak. Great tent, easy to set up, even by yourself. One suggestion, when you decide on what size tent you want, go to the next bigger size.

Norman Hall of Roy, UT - August, 17 2010:

I bought this tent five years ago as a new Scoutmaster. The Kodiak has held up very well. This last week at Scout Camp it rained and had hail for three days. The tent was dry. I have had no problems with the zippers or the poles. As with any canvas tent, you should always keep it as clean and dry as you can betewwn uses and never store it wet. We are planning on buying another Kodiak for the Scouts. The Kodiak's floor has held up very well and this was one of the major reasons that I purchased this brand of tent.

Ron of Phoenix, AZ - November, 20 2010:

I purchased my 10X10 Kodiak several years ago. In some ways it reminds me of the old waxed canvas tents we used in my youth except this tent is easy to pitch and strike and has none of the old canvas smell (which I must admit I miss at times). It is water proof and stands in a good wind (mine has never come even close to falling). I cannot recommed this tent highly enough. The storage bag alone makes it worth the money!

Jeff of Bountiful, UT - October, 22 2010:

I bought the 10x14 model in June of 2010, I have to say over all this is a awesome tent. It is by far the best tent I have ever owned. I would give it a perfect 5 stars but when It says it sleeps 8 people they must mean toddlers. We had 2 queen sized air beds and a playpen in it for most of our camping trips and it was tight. I guess if you slept on the floor and cuddled close you might get 8 but in reality I would say 4 or 5 and still be comfortable. Other than the floor space This is a great tent.

Clay of Murray, UT - June, 16 2011:

I saw another reviewer that commented "I had buyers remorse until I put the tent up and then I buyers pride". That cracked me up because I went through the same emotions. The funtionality and durability of this tent is awesome! Once you get use to setting the tent up you can easily do it without help and fast. I love to camp and ride at the dunes which at times can get extremely windy, well five tents later I found this one and it will not blow away or get blown over! I highly recommend this tent and would not get anything else. I actually had two friends that both text me on two different days wanting to know where I purchased my tent... Sportsman's Warehouse, Love that place!

Jeff of Bountiful, UT - April, 19 2012:

Just wanted to write a follow up review. I guess according to Joe above I need a condo, but to each his own. LOL, Last year we were in some snow and wind in the high Uintas and a flex pole broke. After a e-mail to Kodiak explaining what happened 2 new pole were delivered to my door. Awsome costumer service and very nice to deal with

Jenny of Grand Junction, CO - June, 14 2014:

Love this tent! No corners were cut in its construction and everything is high quality. The bag is so cool and makes tear down super easy. Its easy to set up and take down. The floor is thick and sturdy I am so happy with my investment.

Steve of Corbin, KY - November, 17 2015:

I am amazed at the easy set up and take down of this tent. My son and I camped during deer season with temps dropping below freezing. We used a small heater and stayed very warm. I would have never expected the 10 x 14 tent to fold up into the carrying case but it did very easily. The tent held a full sized bed frame and mattress, all of our hunting gear, and had plenty of room to spare.

Rico of Farmington, UT - March, 19 2010:

I brought it home and set it up in the yard before taking it in the mountains. Not too complacated and having 2 people is a great idea for first time set it up . The tent held up well in a Flamming Gorge downpour without a drop of water inside. We were the only ones in camp not in a trailer that made it without a problem. I must say that the poles are a bit fragile. The third time out the cord that holds poles togather broke and the next time out one pole broke at the tip. Tent is cumbersome and heavy to pack around and the bag didnt last long. Recomend a sturdy canvas to haul around. I got this on sale and I almost wish I spent the money on the more expensive other brand just like this. I'll see if it will hold ut this fall on the Elk hunt. I think I expected a little more.

outdoor dude of white salmon, WA - July, 18 2010:

Have used many, many other brands of tents. Bought this and won't go anywhere else. The best quality you will find anyhere.

camping family of Spokane, WA - July, 18 2010:

After doing much research we settled on purchasing the Kodiak. After getting it home and setting it up we were absolutely PLEASED!! It was easy to set up and VERY HIGH Quality. Heavy duty materials and steal bars (have no idea how another reviewer could have possibly broke it- they are heavy gauge steal) and TONS of room (we got the 10 x 14 version). We SOAKED the tent down to season it and there wasn't a leak or even dampness on the inside. Heavy almost rubberized floors are incredible. We love all the bonus storage materials and the ingenious design of how they hook into various places in the tent. We used this out camping the following weekend and although it rained and we had high winds we were perfectly dry and comfortable. Taking down was a sinch and the carry bag in ingenious.. no more stuffing a tent into a bag that only fit the first time it was used! LOL! The tent is heavy.. but that is expected with heavy canvas and steal poles. We LOVE this tent and you won't be disappointed either!

family camping of Spokane, WA - July, 18 2010:

After doing much research we settled on purchasing the Kodiak. After getting it home and setting it up we were absolutely PLEASED!! It was easy to set up and VERY HIGH Quality. Heavy duty materials and steal bars (have no idea how another reviewer could have possibly broke it- they are heavy gauge steal) and TONS of room (we got the 10 x 14 version). We SOAKED the tent down to season it and there wasn't a leak or even dampness on the inside. Heavy almost rubberized floors are incredible. We love all the bonus storage materials and the ingenious design of how they hook into various places in the tent. We used this out camping the following weekend and although it rained and we had high winds we were perfectly dry and comfortable. We LOVE this tent and you won't be disappointed either!

Justin Devenyns of colorado springs, CO - July, 13 2010:

I will never buy another tent unless it is a Kodiak Canvas! While camping I feel like I am staying in a cabin. Everything is sturdy and made to last. I had buyers remorse until I put the tent up and then I buyers pride. Great tent easy set up. QUALITY.

Melinda of Salt lake City, UT - June, 16 2010:

I was skeptical that this would be a cheap knock off of the great Kirkhams springbar tent, but this tent did not disappoint! Some of the features were even better- two doors, sturdy floor, Very durable, easy to set up , never leaks, love this tent!!! Great value for the money! Nice that the tent rolls into the bag instead if trying to cram it into a bag after rolling up! Heavy canvas never had one leak on me.

Jeff Wakefield of Tijeras, NM - November, 14 2010:

Bought the 10X10 size. One person can set this up in under 10 minutes and take down is easy and less than 10 minutes. The quality is something you don't find anymore in any product. Everything is well thought out and sturdy - best tent I have ever seen let alone owned. Great ventilation. Unbelieveable tent at a very reasonable price. Wish I had found this tent years ago.

Kyle Hendrickson of Mesa, AZ - January, 12 2010:

Great tent, water tight, durable and I set it up by myself. I actually have the 10x14 tent that has 40% more room for only $100 more. I would recommend this tent to anyone.

Mike of Atlanta, GA - May, 19 2011:

Following a ruined camping trip with my family (wife and 2 children) due to rain soaking through the rain fly on a 'quality nylon tent', I decided it was time to upgrade to canvas tent. Since we car camp, I was not worried too much about weight. I am somewhat of a 'internet research nerd' when it comes to a large purchase and I will read every product review I can find. I can honestly say, the Kodiak Canvas Tents are one of the few products I have ever researched that I had a difficult time finding a negative comment/review on. I had high hopes this tent would be worth the investment. Long story short, this tent is the 'real deal'! I could not be more pleased with this purchase and my kids absolutely love it! It is very spacious (I bought 4 cots and all fit comfortably) and open (especially with the windows down). Being in the Army Infantry, I was expecting a heavy canvas like the Army GP tents... not so wih this tent. The canvas is very light weight, very durable and breathable. Set-up and break down is the easiest of any tent I've ever pitched and I did it by myself the first time in 15 minutes. Average set up now is 10 min. The 'cinch bag' for storage is awesome! Just make sure the tent is dry before storing. Lastly, I am most excited that a camping trip will never again be ruined by inclement weather. Kodiak Canvas Tents do what they say and absolutely deliver on quality... this one should last me many, many years of enjoyment! Thanks Sportsman's Warehouse for quick shipping too!

Kyle of Gilbert, AZ - November, 05 2010:

I own the 10x14 Kodiak Canvas tent and I love it. Very easy to setup, performs amazing in the wind and rain, and has a great rubberized floor. Easily get the whole family in the tent and the canvas provides much more warmth than the nylon tents. Trust me go for the 10x14 over the 10x10 because for only $100 you get a 40% bigger tent.

Joe of Salt Lake, UT - November, 17 2010:

Who ever thinks that camping in a Kodiak tent with a air matress let alone two queen air matresses is campling should get a condo. This is an excellent tent with plenty of outdoor camping room. The price difference between Kodiak and the competition is great. Pay less and get more is always a great deal. The only problem with these tents is trying to get additional tents since they are alway on backorder. Tells you a lot when they are on Backorder.

Mishyshue100 of Colorado Springs, CO - June, 23 2013:

Took this tent to the mountains this early June and it was fantastic. I was so impressed with the floor of the tent and the heavy gauge. The floor didn't feel like you were just going to pop throught it when you walked on it. The doors and windows have great heavy duty zippers and screens. It stayed warm at night and cool during the day with the vents open.

palsplace of Rexburg, ID - August, 22 2015:

This is an awesome tent! It is roomy enough for two cots and a couple of small children. If you didn't have the cots, it would easily handle six adults or two adults and 4-6 children. The tent stakes are excellent. About 1/4" in diameter and about 18" long. We pounded them in to ground with a lot of rocks and didn't bend any. With the screens open, airflow was great and the attic vents really helped. I really like the little storage pockets it comes with that you can hang in different places to hold your stuff. The storage bag seemed weird at first, but I really ended up loving it. After the tent is all rolled up, you lay it on the storage bag and kind of fold the bag around the tent. It had enough room for us to lay a tarp (purchased separately) on top and roll it up with the tent. It all fit in the bag perfectly. The shade over the front door is a bit low, but if you duck, it's no problem. We bought the 10' x 14' and it was definitely worth the extra hundred bucks to get 40 extra square feet. It got pretty windy when we were out last time and it held up beautifully. It didn't rain, but we had a heavy dew but the inside of the tent wasn't even moist. Never had a tent that wasn't damp inside in the morning. Overall, excellent buy.

Dan Nuckols of Idaho Falls, ID - October, 17 2014:

I bought a Kodiak Canvas tent a few years ago with the intent to use it for Scouting (that has since changed). I have never had a tent that has been so easy to put up, provided a sense of security and comfort as this one has. Anyone looking to purchase a Kodiak tent just can't go wrong. All weather, heavy duty!! Kudos to Kodiak!!

bruce of phoenix, AZ - September, 23 2013:

I purchased this tent two months ago in preparation for an elk and deer hunt this fall. On our elk hunt in Colorado we must have had 7 inches of rain over about 5 days. No leaks, absolutely dry inside, I am very pleased, it is a bit heavy and I think I will use an extra pole for the awning to keep it from collecting water, but fantastic tent.

Sean B of Spokane, WA - May, 10 2010:

I purchased this tent in 2006 and have used in all types of weather it is very easy to put up and take down The floor is extremely durable! I use a 10x10 tarp and place it under the tent just to keep it clean. I have had many friend inquire about my tent. and i have recommend it to everyone. Its a GREAT Tent. It is heavy but well worth it.

Henry Knight of Columbia, SC - July, 08 2011:

My wife and I have owned and used this tent for over five (5) years now. On the first trip out with our new Kodiak Canvas tent, we did not arrive at our campsite, in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, until 11:00 at night. I can't tell you how glad we were for the easy to assemble design. You only have to stake it out and put up the three supports. It was a far cry from some of the complicated to assemble tents I have owned in the past. At about 3:00 AM we had one of the hardest rainstorms I have been in my five decades of camping. We were sleeping on a raised bed, so I decided to wait until daylight to clean up the water that I assumed must have come into the tent from the steady torrent of water. To our surprise, when we got up, the only water inside was a small puddle of water from the door zipper being open at the bottom of the tent, which water was easily soaked up in one paper towel. My wife has been sold on tent camping again since that initial trip. It is becoming harder and harder getting her to use our pop-up as the setup is so much easier with the Kodiak. I stumbled upon this tent when it first came out. We have the larger 10 X 14 model. I am so glad I talked with the folks with Kodiak before purchasing any other brand. This tent is bar none not only the most functional tent that we have ever owned, but also the most secure from the elements in design and consturction. The heavy, specially woven canvas certainly lives up to its billing as strong, water-resistant, yet breathable. It puts the nylon and other stuffy, moisture producing tents to shame. I never thought I would see in my lifetime a quality canvas tent like the ones I grew up with in the 1950's. Seldom does a product live up to its claims for quality and durability. This tent continues to far exceed my expectations. If you buy one, I assure you that it will exceed your expectations too. H D Knight Columbia, South Carolina

Todd Martin of St. George, UT - October, 25 2010:

I purchased the Kodiak 10X10 tent for my scout troop. We were able to take it out on multiple camp-outs and I have been very impressed by the ease of set-up, take down, and how warm it kept us in the cold as well as being able to open up all of the windows and have full circulation to cool us of during the hot days of summer. So far the scouts have had great success with this tent and they have not been able to ruin it so longetivity is definately a plus with this tent. All in all I would give it an A+ for this tent.

RHM of Albuquerque, NM - August, 04 2014:

We purchased this tent about three years ago and have travelled all over the Southwest US with it; from sandstorms to torrential rains - this tent has seen it all with nary a concern. We are very happy we made the decision to spend the money on this Kodiak canvas tent as it has proven to us to be incredibly durable and amenable to the camping experience. The zippers are heavy-duty and first rate, the fabric breathes well, and the floor is well designed to protect us from the environment. Iíve wiped off a few stains on its exterior with a wet cloth without leaving a mark on the canvas. Never again will we entertain the nylon ripstop fabric tents. Honestly, this tent has transformed our camping experience with a taste of luxury and comfort we never experienced with any other tent in the 30+ years we have been camping. Our only regret is not learning of this type of tent sooner.

Mike of Berthoud, CO - September, 21 2011:

This is a great product. I would recommend the 10x14, might as well have the extra space. This tent can easily be put up by '1' person in about 20 minutes. Depends on how fast you can pound stakes into the ground. Used this tent during our archery elk hunt in Colorado (September). Handled the rain perfectly, no leaks. I would recommend getting a small tarp for the interior. More so for clean up. Dirt, dust, rocks, mud, etc. Next time I go out I'm going to lay down a simple tarp that way I can roll it up and spray it down when I get home. Definitely easier than cleaning the inside of the tent. No problems with the poles/spring rods yet but I've only used it twice.

2BrothersAdventures of Mesa, AZ - May, 29 2012:

Picked up the 10X14 (40 Square Feet more room for $100). Used this tent on a recent spring turkey hunt to the high country and loved it. It was in the upper 30's at night and we were able to keep the tent nice and warm (in the low 70's) with a single tent heater. Great Product.

Debbie of BATTLE GROUND, WA - August, 02 2014:

We purchased the 10x14 Kodiak Canvas tent and have used it twice. We followed the directions and pre-soaked the tent before taking it out camping. So far, we have experienced four days of pouring-down rain and four days of sunshine. The tent is easy to set up and take down. We did have a little bit of water inside the tent, along the outer edges, during the four days of heavy rain. Other than that, it's been great!!

Judd of Prescott, AZ - September, 13 2013:

Awesome! Water proofed it on a Thursday and had it in a downpour on Saturday (for several hours) and not one drop inside the tent. Just need to keep an eye on the awning so that it doesn't fill with water (or snow). Easy to set up. Good quality materials.

Scout Master of Bountiful, UT - October, 09 2015:

I have been in Scouting for over 15 years and having gone through many tents over the years. I was looking at replacing our family tent. I was going to go back to Spring Bar but, a follow Scouter had told me about the Kodiak. That was over 5 years and probably over 60 nights of camping in it since. My family and I still love it. The quality has been great and have slept dry in snow, downpours and 80 mile per hour wind storms. It is still going strong. I would get it again if something ever happened to this one.

Eric of Mesa, AZ - September, 11 2012:

This is by far the best tent I have ever owned. We have the 10x14 and it's great. The easiest tent to setup and take down that I have ever seen.

Nathan of Salt Lake City, UT - May, 10 2012:

This may well be one of the best things I have ever purchased. Sure it's expensive, but I wanted expensive and hoped it would live up to its price tag. Well it does and I wish I would have done this sooner. Takes my wife and I 5 minutes to set up or tear down, and talk about a safe secure tent. High winds no problem, rain no problem, and plenty of room. Great vent system, excellent craftsmanship, and the open cloth tent bag is brilliant. Awesome poles and stakes as well. You will love it !!!!

Mike of Austin, TX - May, 02 2013:

I purchased this tent as a piece of gear I planned to use over 10 years. American Airlines broke my T-Pole on my way to burning man, it took me 11 emails, three weeks, and 2 phone calls to get a replacement part. Luckily I was able to find some JB weld and get the thing up for the trip. The tent is roomy and has a well constructed floor, but the customer service from Kodiak is almost non-existent. Their "Lifetime Warranty" means nothing and the single customer service agents hours, phone, and email skills are poor. I plan on selling this tent and buying a Spring Bar. Kodiak appears to be a one man show and really cannot service or support the product that they sell.

John Dominguez of Mesa, AZ - April, 20 2010:

Quick and easy set up and take down. Folds into the canvas cover bag without issue. The poles can be a bit fragile I have had the springs break that hold together the two outside support poles, however this doesn't keep the poles from functioning properly. As far as durabilty and weather protection of the canvas goes I have had no issues. I've had this tent in everything over the past 3 years from 90 plus degree weather on August archery hunts and summer camping trips down to single digit weather and snow on later hunts and everything in between. I haven't experienced any leaks in the seams or floor. I have had as many as three people staying in the tent, however I wouldn't recomend more if you want to have space to move around etc... It will hold more but as with most tent ratings you have to take into account the sardine effect. The tent is heavy and bulky but as with any canvas tent this is the norm...Not recomended for people looking for tent that will take up minimal space in their vehicle!

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1127466 73 lb 78.0 6 ft. 6 in. X 10 ft. X 10 ft. 6 Kodiak Canvas $549.99
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1152707 82 lb 78.0 6 ft. 6 in. X 10 ft. X 14 ft. 8 Kodiak Canvas $649.99
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