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Jackall Mikey JR

Jackall Mikey JR

$17.99 - $18.99

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Jackall Mikey JR - The Mikey has a three piece body design that produce a slithering snake like action.

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Jackall Mikey JR - The Mikey is a very versatile bait, if you hold your rod tip up it can be fished on the surface and will create a big wake. Or if you hold your rod tip down it can dive down to 3' deep and swim like a real fish. The Mikey is perfect bait to attract feeding bass.

Great For Attracting Feeding Bass
3-piece Body Gives A Snake Like Action
Mikey JR Can Be Fished Like A Wake Bait Or A Shallow Runner

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1109328 Gold Shiner 0.625 oz $18.99
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1217902 Chartreuse Shad 0.625 oz $17.99
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1303667 Ghost Minnow 0.625 oz $18.99
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1303669 HL Aurora Black 0.625 oz $18.99
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1303670 HL Sunfish 0.625 oz $18.99
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1303673 Tennessee Shad 0.625 oz $18.99
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