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Ice Fishing

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    Ice Fishing

    Sportsman's Warehouse Ice Fishing Buyer's Guide

    Overview: Ice fishing gives fishermen an opportunity to keep their passion alive by fishing through the cold winter months. Many species of fish are very active and you can still enjoy a successful day of winter fishing when your favorite fishery has capped over. Get right on top of those fishing honey holes with the quality gear sold by Sportsman?s Warehouse. Here is a list of what you will need to enjoy a day on the ice:


    Ice fishing rods vary somewhat by technique and what kind of fish you are going after as well as the length of the rod. Sportsman's Warehouse carries ice fishing rods by Wright and McGill, Fenwick and Abu Garcia.


    A reel may come with a rod as a packaged set, or may be purchased individually. You can find quality ice fishing reels at Sportsman?s Warehouse by Eagle Claw.


    An ice fishing combo consists of a rod and reel sold together. There are several advantages to buying a combo. One advantage is that when you buy an ice fishing combination rod and reel, you are ready to fish. A combo is a great way to get started in the world of ice fishing. Sportsman?s Warehouse offers many quality combos by Celsius, Frabill and St Croix.


    Sportsman?s Warehouse carries a variety of ice fishing augers to help you get through the ice. There are several types of augers ? hand augers, electric augers, and gas augers (also sometimes called power augers). Hand augers are lightweight and easy to pack along, electric and gas augers are both quicker to drill holes and easily store on a sled. Whichever style you need, you'll find it from quality manufacturers such as Eskimo, Strikemaster and ION.

    Ice Lures and Jigs:

    There are some lures and jigs designed specifically for ice fishing. Your best bet for ice fishing lures and jigs come from Lindy and Northland.

    Ice Fishing Tents:

    When you are on the ice for extended periods of time, it is extremely important to stay warm. Whether you're looking for flip-over shelters or pop-up shelters, Sportsman's Warehouse has a great selection for you to choose from. Check out our ice tents and ice shelters from these great manufacturers: Eskimo and Clam Outdoors.


    While having a rod and reel, access to the water and shelter are all you technically need to ice fish, there are many ice fishing accessories that will make your time on the ice more comfortable and productive. Consider tackle organizers, skimmers and heaters by brand names such as Celsius and Mr. Heater.


    Stop fishing where there are no fish. Technology has advanced in ice fishing just like everything else, so why not take advantage of it? You'll find state-of-the-art ice fishing electronics such as flashers, fish finders and GPS units will help you locate fish and increase your level of success. Sportsman's Warehouse carries quality electronics by Humminbird and Vexilar.


    When is ice fishing not fun? When you are freezing your tail off! Sportsman's Warehouse has a great selection of outerwear that will keep you warm and happy on the ice. Whether you're looking for a complete ice suit, thermal clothing, gloves, insulated socks or thermal underwear, we have you covered with quality apparel from Clam, Frabill and Carhartt.

    Baffin and Kamik.