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Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff
Howard Leight
Howard Leight

Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff


Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff - Sleek low profile design allows for full clearance of firearm stock. It will automatically block noises to a safe 82dB while amplifying conversations and range commands.

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Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff - Protect your hearing from harsh noises with the Impact Sport Earmuff. It has the ability to block damaging sound to a safe 82dB but will also amplify sound like range commands and normal conversation for maximum awareness and safety. The automatic 4 hour shutoff will conserve the battery life of the 2 included AAA batteries. The earmuffs are water resistant and include a leatherette headband for maximum comfort.

  • Blocks sound to a safe 82dB
  • Single power and volume control knob
  • Features Air Flow Control Technology
  • Automatic 4 hour shutoff
  • AUX jack for MP3 players and scanners
  • Low profile design to not interfere with shooting
  • Black leatherette headband
  • Water Resistant
  • 2 AAA batteries

Nat of Chandler, AZ - December, 27 2015:

Purchased and returned. Unable to adjust fit small enough. Item appears to be marketed to women due to color (teal)variation, but headband adjustment isn't small enough. Was left with a finger width space between headband and top of head. Ear muffs shifted down and provided a poor fit. Will look for another brand that provides an actual women's fit and not just "pinked".

kim of burley, ID - April, 20 2011:

I shoot on a trap league and I can wear these muffs and still talk to people while shooting they are very comfortable

Jim of Colorado Springs, CO - July, 14 2011:

These earmuffs are lightweight and compact enough to fit easily into my range bag. Also they dont get in the way when I am shooting on a bench.

Paul of Live Oak, CA - December, 28 2012:

Excellent better the I expected for the price.

Billy of Rapid City, SD - November, 04 2013:

I always thought these electronic muffs were a waste of money, that's until I used a pair and was immediately hooked. I picked up this pair and have been very happy with the quality. They block out the sound while still allowing me to have conversations with those I am shooting with.

Jazer of St. George, UT - January, 06 2014:

Great price! At Front Sight it didn't completely block out 40 handguns going off in between cinder block barriers. But I like them a lot!

Mike of Largo, FL - December, 03 2014:

These are pretty comfortable with quite a bit of adjustment. They fold up pretty compact as well. The audio is better than what I used to have for the Peltors these replace. Single volume knob is easier to use. I don't really notice as much noise cancellation as I did with the Peltors. I tend to just adjust the volume down to where it's usable for me. Battery life seems good so far.

Michael of Largo, FL - February, 09 2015:

All my pair does is amplify sound. The noise cancellation doesn't work at all. I'm trying to return them or find warranty information on them now. I own 2 pairs of Peltor Tactical 6-5 muffs and the noise cancellation works properly on them. Guess I got a dud set.

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