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Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff
Howard Leight
Howard Leight

Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff


Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff - Sleek low profile design allows for full clearance of firearm stock. It will automatically block noises to a safe 82dB while amplifying conversations and range commands.

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Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff - Protect your hearing from harsh noises with the Impact Sport Earmuff. It has the ability to block damaging sound to a safe 82dB but will also amplify sound like range commands and normal conversation for maximum awareness and safety. The automatic 4 hour shutoff will conserve the battery life of the 2 included AAA batteries. The earmuffs are water resistant and include a leatherette headband for maximum comfort.

  • Blocks sound to a safe 82dB
  • Single power and volume control knob
  • Features Air Flow Control Technology
  • Automatic 4 hour shutoff
  • AUX jack for MP3 players and scanners
  • Low profile design to not interfere with shooting
  • Black leatherette headband
  • Water Resistant
  • 2 AAA batteries

Nat of Chandler, AZ - December, 27 2015:

Purchased and returned. Unable to adjust fit small enough. Item appears to be marketed to women due to color (teal)variation, but headband adjustment isn't small enough. Was left with a finger width space between headband and top of head. Ear muffs shifted down and provided a poor fit. Will look for another brand that provides an actual women's fit and not just "pinked".

Jason of Anchorage, AK - March, 16 2016:

I always assumed that if you didn't spend $100+ for electronic hearing protection, it was junk - these proved me very wrong. Does what it is supposed to, you can even turn up the amplification so you can hear instructor commands for the opposite side of the firing line while still cancelling out the blast noise. And if the batteries die, they still work as standard earmuffs!

kim of burley, ID - April, 20 2011:

I shoot on a trap league and I can wear these muffs and still talk to people while shooting they are very comfortable

Jim of Colorado Springs, CO - July, 14 2011:

These earmuffs are lightweight and compact enough to fit easily into my range bag. Also they dont get in the way when I am shooting on a bench.

Paul of Live Oak, CA - December, 28 2012:

Excellent better the I expected for the price.

Billy of Rapid City, SD - November, 04 2013:

I always thought these electronic muffs were a waste of money, that's until I used a pair and was immediately hooked. I picked up this pair and have been very happy with the quality. They block out the sound while still allowing me to have conversations with those I am shooting with.

Jazer of St. George, UT - January, 06 2014:

Great price! At Front Sight it didn't completely block out 40 handguns going off in between cinder block barriers. But I like them a lot!

Mike of Largo, FL - December, 03 2014:

These are pretty comfortable with quite a bit of adjustment. They fold up pretty compact as well. The audio is better than what I used to have for the Peltors these replace. Single volume knob is easier to use. I don't really notice as much noise cancellation as I did with the Peltors. I tend to just adjust the volume down to where it's usable for me. Battery life seems good so far.

Michael of Largo, FL - February, 09 2015:

All my pair does is amplify sound. The noise cancellation doesn't work at all. I'm trying to return them or find warranty information on them now. I own 2 pairs of Peltor Tactical 6-5 muffs and the noise cancellation works properly on them. Guess I got a dud set.

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