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Horseshoe Mountain Fire Starter with Antler Handle
Horseshoe Mountain Firestarters
Horseshoe Mountain Firestarters

Horseshoe Mountain Fire Starter with Antler Handle



Horseshoe Mountain Fire Starter w/Antler Handle - Magnesium with a resin antler handle and striker combo. Good for 1,000 strikes.

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Horseshoe Mountain Fire Starter w/Antler Handle - Flint and magnesium with a resin antler handle. Includes handle, flint, magnesium, striker, and leather strap. Good for 1,000 strikes

Resin antler handle
Leather strap.
Number of strikes: 1,000

Dallas of Mesa, AZ - December, 15 2014:

I am sorry to have to write a negative review of this product but the manufacturer's poor customer service forces me to. I am a Search & Rescue Technician Instructor. As such we teach outdoor skills and survival to SAR volunteers and to the public. I purchased 4 Horseshoe Mountain Fire Starters at Sportsman's Warehouse for use in training and to recommend to students. The design appears to be ideal. However, two of the units broke when used the first or second time. The flint striker broke loose from the magnesium bar and one of the flint strikers broke into pieces. With a 50% failure rate the equipment is not reliable in survival environment. Horseshoe Mountain Customer Service is terrible/non-existent. I would never speak poorly of someone without first giving them the opportunity to correct the problem. I went to Horseshoe Mountains website and sent them 2 e-mails. I never received an answer. I called them on the telephone twice and left VM messages. My calls were not returned. I went to Sportsman's Warehouse and ask if the store had a specific representative from Horseshoe Mountain. I was told there was no specific representative that Sportsman's Warehouse could contact. Eventually I e-mailed Horseshoe Mountain to tell them that I would post a negative review and caution students from buying their product if they did not reply. Guess what...No reply! The design concept of the Horseshoe Mountain fire starter is very good. The magnesium is soft and scraped off easily. The flint striker produces very aggressive sparks. I believed we had finally discovered an ideal piece of equipment. They were perfect, EXCEPT THEY BREAK! Again, I apologize for this negative review. I went to great effort to contact Horseshoe Mountain to resolve the issue and was ignored. I am not concerned with getting a refund. I am concerned that this is a life safety piece of equipment and Horseshoe Mountain needs to investigate the failure.

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