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Horseshoe Mountain Fire Starter Tool
Horseshoe Mountain Firestarters
Horseshoe Mountain Firestarters

Horseshoe Mountain Fire Starter Tool



Horseshoe Mountain Fire Starter Tool - Magnesium and striker combo. Good for 1,000 strikes.

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Horseshoe Mountain Fire Starter Tool - Flint and magnesium without a handle. Includes flint, magnesium, striker, leather strap. Good for 1,000 strikes.

No handle
Leather strap.
Number of strikes: 1,000

Nate of Co Springs, CO - May, 04 2011:

Not a lot of magnesium for the buck. Does fit well on a key chain.

JB of Ephraim, UT - May, 09 2013:

Excellent Product. It works fantastic.

WH of Albuquerque, NM - May, 28 2014:

I wanted a small fire starter that could fit on my key chain and have with me 24/7/365 that had some shaveable magnesium for an extra spark boost when needed and wasn't a large heavy brick or surrounded in bulky unnecessary plastic. This is exactly what I was looking for. The spark from the flint is hot and lingers making fire starting easy. Going to go buy more to give to family. This is going to be a staple of my emergency/outdoor/survival kits.

Armistead Coleman of Bozeman, MT - September, 18 2014:

I have had one for over a decade. Packed it all over the world for back up. When I have needed it, it has worked, every time. A great little starter for the price!

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