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Hornady 17 HMR 17gr V-Max Rimfire Ammo

Hornady 17 HMR 17gr V-Max Rimfire Ammo



Hornady 17 Hmr 17gr Rimfire Ammo - Hornady's V-Max bullets consistently achieve rapid fragmentation at all practical varmint shooting velocities.

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Hornady 17 Hmr 17gr Rimfire Ammo - Hornady's V-Max bullets consistently achieve rapid fragmentation at all practical varmint shooting velocities. The powder in a Varmint Express cartridge is selected for its consistency from lot to lot. That means consistent accuracy and optimum pressure and velocity on every shot.

  • Caliber: 17 HMR
  • Grain: 17
  • Bullet: V-Max
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2550 fps
  • Rounds Per Box: 50

gooser of evans, CO - April, 19 2011:

This is one of the original 17 HMR ammos and still the one that shoots best in my Ruger. The muzzle velocity is very close to the advertised 2550 feet per second, and that is about perfect for the V-Max bullet loaded in this varmit cartridge. Out to 200 yards they are devastating on prarie dogs and other varmits that size. They are NOT enough for coyote or anything that size. There are better tools for that job. Also, when the shooting is over just toss the brass and don't worry about reloading

Zac Fox of Ankeny, IA - April, 19 2011:

Some of the flattest shooting 17 HMR ammo around! A bit on the pricey side, however, if you demand results when prairie dogging or just plinking at the range, you just can't beat Hornady's performance. Don't get mad at the ammo if you're shooting on a windy day though. They have a tendency to be inaccurate when weather is rough.

Garrison of Caldwell, ID - April, 20 2011:

Wicked fast and very accurate. Its fun to use on Ground Squirrels and great for kids to use for target practice.

John of Provo, UT - April, 21 2011:

I like the ballistic tip bullets better than the hollow points. These shoot really shoot great!

Kevin of Anchorage, AK - April, 29 2011:

For a fast, flat shooting round this might be one that you want to pick up. Hornady has always been one of the better ammo manufactors and they didn't disappoint with this one.

Nails of Southaven , MS - May, 05 2011:

ok check this out. I was at a range in Utah and missed the wooden target. When the round struck the entire target hit the ground! I was shocked how powerful this little round really is! Low Recoil but gets the job done. BE careful if you are hunting small game. You will only see fur left! HMR= HEATED MISSILE ROCKET!

Dustin of Eagle Point, OR - May, 08 2011:

This was the first ammo available in large quantitys when the rifles first hit the market. I at first was dissapointed to find only one variety when I bought my rifle. But that soon turned into jubilation when I found out how amazing it shot!

James of Soldotna, AK - July, 09 2011:

This is a hot little round, very affordable and fun for those pesky little critters. Or to take the kids out and practice! Either way you won't be dissapointed.

Dave of Riverdale, UT - September, 20 2012:

Pro: no misfires, fed great, very accurate. Con: They only offer them in boxes of 50.

Brian of Anchorage, AK - September, 21 2012:

These are great rounds, except for the price!

Paul of Corning, CA - April, 28 2013:

My Ruger 77/17 did not like this ammo. Shot 1 1/2" groups.

Scott of Stillwater, OK - August, 14 2013:

This is some seriously good ammo. My savage bvts prefers it. I tightened my scope up on this ammo and could hit dime size groups at 100 yards. This is the best ammo out there for a .17 hmr. Just buy it, you can thank me later.

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