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Gold Tip Expedition Hunter 2 inch Vanes 6 pack
Gold Tip
Gold Tip

Gold Tip Expedition Hunter 2 inch Vanes 6 pack


Gold Tip Expedition Hunter 2 inch Vanes 6 pack - The performance of the Expedition Hunter is matches more expensive arrows. For those on a budget it is all about value without sacrificing accuracy.

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Gold Tip Expedition Hunter 2 inch Vanes 6 pack - The Expedition Hunter has the straightness and weight tolerance of much more expensive arrows, but is much more affordable. The included 2 inch vanes offer stability without sacrificing speed.

  • Grains per inch: 7.4
  • Length (uncut): 30 inches
  • Grains per inch: 8.2
  • Length (uncut): 32 inches
  • Grains per inch: 8.9
  • Length (uncut): 32 inches
  • Straightness Tolerance: ±.006 in
  • Weight Tolerance: ±2 grains

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Jade of Layton, UT - May, 08 2013:

Very fast, accurate, and durable. this is the best arrow you can buy for your the price. I have used it while hunting and even after a hard miss the arrow didnt have so much as a crack. 5 stars for sure.

daniel of roosevelt, UT - July, 10 2014:

great arrows!! when i was sighting in my bow i shot two of them into a pallet. and they didn't break! they were as good as new. and at a great price

Brian K. of North Las Vegas, NV - August, 21 2014:

Absolutely impressed! Very accurate arrows right here, and a perfect mix of speed and energy. Can't wait to put it on some Oklahoma hogs in October. I bought mine at the Las Vegas store. Tom, as always, was a great help. If you're in the Vegas area this is the place to do your archery shopping. These guys are great!

Kevin Dell of Hazel Green, KY - September, 03 2014:

These, combined with 125 grain, 2 1/4 inch Shwacker broadheads, are a lethal combination. Last year, I got a 129 buck in eastern KY, (not too common in Wolfe county). These arrows flew straight, are durable, and they are forgiving to bad practice shots (misses). When I shot the buck last year, the buck came in an area that I didn't clear out a shooting lane (as luck would have it). I had about a 18" x 18" "window" boxed in by tree branches, about 4-8 yards from me, that I had to shoot through to hit the deer at 37 yards (I was in a climber tree stand about 20 ft in air). Well, I thought for sure the arrow would wobble and hit a branch, but it didn't. I was impressed! Great arrow!

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