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Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator
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Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator
Comments: Check out the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator!

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator



Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator - While being the midsize of the Goal Zero Yeti family, the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator is light on size and weight, but heavy on power, for all your outdoor adventures.

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Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator - No matter your power needs, the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator has your covered. With USB 12V and AC power outlets the Yeti 400 has the plug to fit your device. The Yeti 400 can be used to power electronics as small as cell phones and GPS systems, all the way up to your tablet, laptop and even your TV. Silent and scent free the Yeti Solar generator is the ideal addition to a hunters base camp, or your cabin in the woods. You'll never again have to put up with the noise and exhaust fumes from traditional gas powered generators. Ideal for emergency prepardness the Yeti 400 can be stored long term fully charged, and then turned on whenever your power needs demand it. Its 400 watt hours of power can light up a 12V light for up to 100 hours, or a standard flat screen tv for three. Power your Yeti Solar Generator with a solar panel (solar panels sold separately), your cars 12V port, or any standard AC outlet. Solar recharge times may depend on weather conditions.

  • Power Time:
  • 12V Light - 100 plus hours
  • Smartphone - 30 recharges
  • Laptop - 5 recharges
  • Flat Screen TV - 3 hours of use
  • Recharge from the wall - takes about 5 hours
  • Recharge from your car using 12V port. - takes about 13 hours
  • Plug it into a solar panel and place in the sun - takes about 30-60 hours with the Nomad 27, panel not included
  • PORTS: USB Standard Port, 6mm port, 12V car port, AC inverter US, AC inverter International, Charging Port
  • Dimensions: 10.25in x 8in x 8in
  • Weight: 29 lbs


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Most Liked Positive Review


Awsome Little Generator!!

I purchased the Yeti 400 combo pack which included a Nomad 20 Solar Panel. I have been testing the capabilities of this set up here at home prior to taking it out camping (I...Read complete review

I purchased the Yeti 400 combo pack which included a Nomad 20 Solar Panel. I have been testing the capabilities of this set up here at home prior to taking it out camping (I recommend doing this for all outdoor equipment). As a power supply the Yeti 400 has performed flawlessly. I have powered (at one time) an iPhone 5, iPad 2, a Toshiba laptop, and a household lamp with a 13w CFL bulb (trying to get as close to the draw amount of 4 light-a-life lamps). The amp draw was 47amps. The Yeti 400 powered all of these devices simultaneously for almost 8 hours before depleting to 20%, at which time I plugged the Yeti into a 110v wall socket to recharge. In less than 5 hours I was ready to power my devices again. I personally believe that the Nomad 20 would not be sufficient to recharge the Yeti 400 under the power drain situation I tested my Yeti under. However I feel confident that with a full charge and good sun exposure, the Nomad 20 would handle the demands of a 3 day camping trip. Generally I would only be charging my IPhone, a Bluetooth speaker, and running 1 - 4 light-a-life lamps. Since the lights are required to be run at night for camp illumination, I would recommend charging subsequent devices during the day when the sun is providing power to the Yeti 400. This practice will minimize the power drain to conserve battery life. After a months worth of home testing I could not be happier with my purchase. Please note I do plan on adding one more nomad 20 to be chained for 40w of solar input while in the wilderness. On a finishing note I would like to say the Yeti line boasts fantastic products that will power many different devices. However, pleases know the limitations of these products and set your outdoor experience expectations to a reasonable standard. This simple logic will ensure you are happy with your Yeti, and in turn it will deliver exceptional results for may outdoor adventures.


Most Liked Negative Review


Not enough juice

Hi, I haven’t written many reviews but I felt the need to write this one. I have own Goal Zero products for several years and have had few issues....Read complete review

Hi, I haven’t written many reviews but I felt the need to write this one. I have own Goal Zero products for several years and have had few issues. Today, after fully charging my new Yeti 400, I decided to run some simple test. I used a Watts meter to note the amount of watts each item used. Everything from a small pc at approx 25w to power drill at approx 268w. I first used my Yeti to power my 42in Flat screen w/a blue-ray player. It ran approx 68-73w and with added cable box it hit 85w. Then I powered up my 240w Sony Music player it ran 40-45w. Everything was going well until I plugged in my power drill (1/4in drill 115 vac/2amps). My watts meter stated that it required up to 270w at the start but then settled approx 160w. My Yeti ran it for about 15 second before shutting down completely. And then I had to re-set the power button and the AC button. By the way, I have two Yeti 400 and both did the same thing. So I whipped out both my DieHard 1150 portable power and my Stanley Professional power station both with inverts and both rank 400 watts of power just like my Yetis. And both my DieHard and Stanley ran my drill with no problems (at least for 30 or more seconds). I measured the watts again of my small drill and again it measured approx 270, well under the 400 continuous power rating of my Yetis. Everything else ran fine but I caution anyone that this is not a generator replacement like so many have stated. Yes, it does provide enough power for small thing but it really doesn’t compare to some less expensive power stations ($140 to $170). And yes, my other power stations can do nearly everything for less, even be charged with solar panels. I am still a Goal Zero fan but I am learning it limitations. Thanks for reading.

Reviewed by 100 customers

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(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


CPAP Power


from Phoenix, AZ, United States

I purchased the Yeti 400 as backup power for my CPAP. I use a Philips Dreamstation Auto. Stats for the first night taken from the Yeti 400 display: -With mask off and humidifier off, it used 24 watts -With mask off and humidifier set at 2, it used 70 watts -With Mask on and humidifier off, watts fluctuated between 3 and 24 in relation to my breathing. -With Mask on and humidifier at 2, watts fluctuated between 50 and 70 in relation to breathing. I slept for 7.2 hours with the humidifier at 2 and pressure at 17, and I consumed 235 Watt Hours. The Yeti 400 showed that it was in the 60% block by morning. It was exactly what I needed!


Nothing Else Can Compete


from Toronto, ON, Canada

I am a Photographer and needed reliable power that was safe to run my laptop off and charge gear and Goal Zero was the product that I bought. I have the Yeti 400 and a 20 watt folding solar panel and 1, 8mm 30ft extension cable to plug the charging panel into with 3 of the old style lamps a Rock Out 2 for music and a Mini Lamp for my tent. This rig travels in a case I made for about $20 bucks. I camp 2-3 times a year for 2-3 weeks at a time and never need to worry about power. Also its nice to have power during a pesky black out at home. The only thing I found was that a single 20 watt panel gets the job done but I will be buying a second one and making a portable stand to keep the panels at a 45 degree angle. This wasn't cheap to buy but remember you get what you pay for.

(6 of 6 customers found this review helpful)


Yeti 400 is great


from USA

I upgraded to a Yeti 400 from a 150. I have chained 4 - Duracell 35 amp hour batteries, totaling 2,000 watts/175 amp hours. I can watch a 50" Samsung LED HD TV with satellite dish for several hours and run an ARP cooler through the inverter with no problems. I also have several Goal Zero products that stay fully charged, as well as cell phones, tablets and an occasional lap top. I would have purchased the 1250, but no room, the 400 is doing a great job staying charged with a Renogy 100 watt mono solar panel.


Omg going on nearly 4 years


from Kaplan, LA

I use the primary for emergencies and camping. It's amazing, form factor is well worth the cost. It even runs a small frig, with an extra battery chained. One of the best investments I have made. Absolutely love this unit.

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Amazing Product


from Salmon, Idaho

3 months ago my husband and I purchased a yeti 400. We've been living in a yurt with no power/lighting (except a propane light) for 15 years. Some years back my husband put together a bike generating system that charged a Duracell power pack. The Duracell only made it 4 months before it quite working and was meager on features. We have been keeping our eyes open for a replacement and when we herd about Goal Zero via our work in Greenland, we started researching and decided to go with the Yeti 400. The Yeti 400 is incredibly practical for our use. We have followed the directions explicitly and (for our own reasons) have not let the power level drop below 80%. After this purchase we've invested in lighting as well and I'm here to say the light-a-life 350 light's (2 daisy chained together) and the Lighthouse 250 lantern have lit up our world. I can actually cook a meal in the kitchen without my headlamp. We've also upgraded a few of our other electronic devices to rechargeable products - all of which charge wonderfully off of the Yeti 400. Not only are the products we purchased excellent, but the customer service was as well. When I called and explained my husbands bike power set up and inquired if there was a way to safely charge the Yeti 400 from the bike, the fellow helping me took the time to talk with Goal Zero's engineers and sent me the proper adapter the next day. The adapter of course works perfectly and my husband is able to get his morning workout in and top off the Yeti 400 at the same time. We are very happy with our purchase.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Poor Yeti 400s


from Alaska, United States

The Yeti 400s are not as durable as they might seem. I bought 14 and had to return 3. I have another that the AC will not work. I live in a very remote area in Alaska. The chaining cables do not work. The product can not be outside as the dew causes the Yeti to burn out. I am not giving up. I am purchasing one Yeti 1,250 and trying to only use the sun for power.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Van life heaven


from Montana

I bought the yeti 400 for my camper van. So stoked I did! It powers all my things effortlessly and quietly. I Highly recommend it.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


home base at camp


from Carmichaels, PA, United States

i brought this about little over a month ago for the camping trip to use with the goal zero Light-A-Life 350 LED Light. To light up our ten and to use as keep our light house mini lantern charged. It didn't just do that it also powered ever thing else needed power for

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


This is an AWESOME unit for camping!


from Michigan, United States

I bought this unit for my camping trip and it was more than what I had expected. It is very sturdy and performed very well with my ResMed S9 CPAP. It charged our phones as well as ran a small fan for a while. I charged it with the car through an inverter while we camped, even though we did not use a fraction of the capacity. Very happy with the purchase.


Great Camp power!


from California, United States

These yeti 400's are awesome. I use mine to charge cell, laptop, lighthouse 250, guide 10, etc.. I then use the Guide 10 for a L-a-L's mini & usb fan and run the lantern at night. I have found that constant charging will result in faster recharge times. always start your camping trip with the yeti fully charged. Just keep an eye on the watts in/out. I use a Boulder 30 with a nomad 7 on caboose, this keeps the yeti 400 charged at about 20-22watts in. 5 hours of good sunlight = +/- 100 watts recharged. I own a number of GZ products, I believe it works best as a system. Using the larger generators to power the smaller battery packs, etc. Great gear. GZ products need to be handled as electronics not "power tools/gear". Proper storage and usage will ensure your GZ equipment will work when you need it to!

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