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GSI Percolator Insert Replacement
G S I Outdoors
G S I Outdoors

GSI Percolator Insert Replacement



GSI Percolator Insert Replacement - Fits GSI 12 cup Enamelware percolator


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GSI Percolator Insert Replacement - Fits GSI 12 cup Enamelware percolator

Fits GSI 12 Cup Enamelware Percolator

Beth of West Bend, WI - June, 10 2013:

Received a 12 cup enamel percolator as a gift from one of our kids for camping. The coffee pot itself will last 20 years HOWEVER the insert is so poorly made it may as well be made from aluminum foil!!! Literally used our percolator 3 times and on the 3rd use broke where the stem meets the base while we were making a pot of coffee! Honestly not the best cup of coffee we ever had! We could see the poor quality immediately upon our first use so we took care to treat it with "kid gloves" so to speak...seems just the boiling of water is enough to do it in! VERY POOR quality...would not recommend this product nor the enamel coffee pot that it is intended to be used with. The $27 or so the pot costs will double in price in no time due to having to replace the insert after a few uses.

greg of west point, CA - September, 02 2014:

Agree all the way, second time using the pot and the stem "melted" at the base? Not sure what happened, only that the stem is now crooked and no longer works. Tried to bend it back to the straight position, but the next morning while making coffee the same thing happened.

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