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G5 Montec Broadhead
G 5 Outdoors
G 5 Outdoors

G5 Montec Broadhead


G5 Montec Broadhead - The Montec broadhead's fool proof design combines tough one-piece, all steel construction with 100% Spin-Tested accuracy.

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G5 Montec Broadhead - The Montec broadhead's foolproof design combines tough one-piece, all steel construction with 100% Spin-Tested accuracy. With no components to assemble or replace, simply screw on and shoot. This simple to use, high performance broadhead is what every hardcore hunter is looking for.

100% Steel Tough
Cut on Contact Design
Diamond Cut Sharpness.
One-Piece construction
100% Spin Tested

85 Grain Weight, 1" Cutting Diameter
100 Grain Weight, 1 1/16" Cutting Diameter
125 Grain Weight, 1 1/8"Cutting Diameter
100% Stainless Steel Monoflow Construction
3 Blade One-Piece, Cut-on-Contact Design
100% Spin tested for Maximum Accuracy
3 per pack

Forrest Bolles of Fairbanks , AK - April, 27 2011:

This is a solid product, they fly similar to a field point, have a cut on contact design, can be sharpened on a flat stone. The one piece design makes it a very durable and strong broadhead. I live in an area of large bodied big game, I can count on this broadhead to humanely and ethicly harvest moose to grizzly bear.

Dave of West Valley, UT - October, 23 2010:

Well Made broadhead. Solid one piece design. Sharp tip.

Marvin of Sparks, NV - October, 23 2010:

Great Broadhead! It flies exactly like my field points and it's tough as nails. G5 in my opinion is one of the most progressive companies in the archery industry

Dustin of Eagle Point, OR - October, 23 2010:

One piece construction, great spin, excellent cut on contact. Not much room to improve on this one piece broadhead. I have taken several elk with this broadhead. One of my shots was through the shoulder and it blew through and still hit the lungs! The edges were dulled, but it held together and still manages to poke out the other side. This is a great product.

Dominic of Mesa, AZ - November, 21 2010:

Awesome broadhead, great for longer shots.

ADAM BARRON of REDDING , CA - November, 24 2009:


Ricky Conner of Colorado Springs, CO - February, 06 2010:

Amazing broadhead! Great penetration on deer and elk. Makes quick kills and leaves a great trail. I would reccomend these to anyone. They are easy to put on your arrows and need very little maintenance.

Russ of Phoenix, AZ - August, 29 2010:

G5 Montex fixed blade broadheads are devestating. I arrowed my 175# buck in ND last year and it penetrated both rib cages through the lower heart and 'SHATTERED' the entire opposite side knee joint. The deer expired after bolting about 75 yards and turning around to see what happened, then fell over, all in about 20 or 30 seconds. Excellent wound channel.

Linn of New Virginia, IA - November, 02 2013:

Best broadhead on the market. Razer sharp with awesome pentration.

JG of Battle Ground, WA - January, 14 2015:

These rugged broad heads are dependable and strong. They work very good on elk. One thing nice about these broad heads is you can resharpen them with G5s sharpening stone. This last hunting season i shot an elk at 54 yards and it did a complete pass through and it went probably 35 yards and died.

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