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G Loomis Crankbait Rod Casting
G Loomis
G Loomis

G Loomis Crankbait Rod Casting

Sale: $179.97
Reg: $235.00

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G Loomis - Specialty casting rods designed specifically for crankbaits. Rods have a moderate action that's soft enough to let the lures to work properly and allow the fish to inhale the bait.

G Loomis Crankbait Rod Casting - For years, a number of manufacturers have pushed fiberglass rods for crankbaits, claiming graphite rods are too stiff and react too fast not allowing the fish to inhale the lure. That's true because fiberglass is softer and much slower reacting, making fiberglass a good choice for crankbaits. Our philosophy is, why not use the dynamic features of graphite (sensitivity, extreme light weight, faster recovery, etc.) to make a really good, responsive crankbait rod. Material is only one part of the formula, design is another, and in the case of our crankbait rods, may be the most important. These are specialty casting rods, designed specifically for crankbaits. We took all of the necessary elements required to make a rod that will fish a crankbait correctly. A soft, more moderate action that is soft enough to let the lures work properly and allow the fish to inhale the bait, yet creates a rod that is very light, responsive and sensitive. You gain all of the advantages of graphite with a nice soft action rod that's a lot lighter than fiberglass and far less tiring to cast over the course of a long day. Plus, they are much more sensitive, which gives you a huge advantage and you get a rod that will react quick enough to help keep the line tight when a fish makes a sudden, unexpected move. The bottom line is more fish in the boat, with less effort.

Made Especially For Fishing Crank Baits
Softer Action With Faster Recovery
Powerful, Sensitive And Durable
Fuji Exposed Blank Reel Seat

steve of pocatello, ID - September, 16 2013:

This thing is awsome, have three of them. it throws like a dream, but best of all, it loads up super on the bite. Its a must on my boat

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Item # Action Length Model Material Power Lure Wt Handle Piece Price Quantity
415808 Moderate Fast 7' 0" 10532-01 Graphite Medium 1/4 - 5/8 oz Cork 1 Sale: $179.97
Reg: $235.00
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