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Fox Pro Firestorm Brush

Fox Pro Firestorm Brush

3.5 out of 5
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Fox Pro Firestorm Brush - 200 Sound Electronic Call with Remote


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Fox Pro Firestorm Brush - The FOXPRO Firestorm Digital Game Call is lightweight, portable and easy to operate. The Firestorm comes standard with 50 FOXPRO high quality sounds. The Firestorm features dual amplified speakers to deliver incredible volume. The Firestorm comes standard with the TX-9 remote control which features a graphic backlit LCD display. Made in the USA!

Advanced Digital Technology and State of the Art Engineering - Which delivers a crystal clear sound.
Internal Memory - Allows you to store and access up to 200 sounds which can be easily reprogrammed.
Comes with 50 Hight Quality FOXPRO sounds
Speaker Selection- Allows you to pause and stop the sound.
2 External Speaker Jacks-Add additional speakers for even greater volume.
2 Custom Sound Preset Buttons-Store up to 2 Custom sound presets with individual volume levels.
Red Backlit Display.Glow-in-the-Dark Kaypad - For optimal night time operation.
Operates on 8 "AA" Rechargeable or Alkaline Batteries (Sold Separately)
Low Battery Indicator - Lets you know when your batteries need to be replaced or recharged.
Auxiliary Jack - Allows you to connect an approved device such as a FOXPRO decoy and operate it remotely with the TX-9.
Horn and Cone Speakers- Which deliver a crisp and realistic sound.
5 Year Limited Warranty

Mel of Reno, NV - July, 29 2011:

Very good unit, the speakers are clear and easy to hear. Easy to download new calls, although I think they should include the USB cable to download the computer based calls.

Lance of San Tan Valley, AZ - November, 06 2011:

I put off paying the expensive cost of owning an electronic call for over a year and then I chose to get the Firestorm. On the first ever hunt with it I shot a nice 40lbs male within 20 minutes of calling. Pros: It is very well built with a nice camo pattern. The sound quality is excellent. The calls are very real and the number of them is endless, from bear, to crow, to pig, they are all available for a price. Now for the many things I would change with it and the difficulties I had setting it up. Cons: For $450 all of the calls should come with it. I felt very nickled and dimed having to throw down another $25 for calls and that was just 16 more out of hundreds. The worst part is getting them loaded on the thing, and I mean the WORST. I consider myself very computer savvy and it literally took me 8 hours to get 16 calls on and to take off some of their odd ball ones that I would never use. Their management software is terrible. Once you get your calls loaded on the Firestorm you then need to connect your remote to the speaker system so the remote recognizes them. In todays IPhone world, this way of loading is a TOTAL nightmare. The only thing I would suggest is read every word of the manual, form the front page to the last, and good luck. Speaking of the remote, it seems to be sturdy, but when you can't read the screen what good is it. They do have a way of enlarging the font, but it literally goes from giving you all kinds of information in 8 font, to telling you you are about to play sound number 10 in 40 font, period. I guess if you had a printout of the sounds you could look at your notes and then tell what sound 10 was i.e. coyote pup yap. Let me put it this way, they salvaged all of the 1977 Texas Instrument Calculator screens in the world and install them in the remote. It is the worst screen I have ever seen on any modern electronic device since 1977. If you wear cheater glasses do not plan on reading the screen. Again for the price I thought it would have its own internal rechargeable battery, but I guess I was wrong. It takes 8, AA's and on one of the first few pages of the manual they recommend that you go and purchase NiMH or hook up a car battery, I kid you not. This thing must really suck down the batteries, but again in the modern world we live in how about a built in Lithium battery with a charger. Again for $450 I think it's only fitting that I get a battery. So basically, the sound quality and shell construction is excellent, but the software and screen on the remote are terrible. I hate a product that requires you to buying additional items to make it functional especially when that product is way over price for what you get to begin with. Plan on spending a minimum of $25 for extra calls and $25 in batteries. Having vented, again I bagged my first coyote ever in 20 minutes of hunting using the Firestorm.

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