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Pontoon vs. Float Tube: Learn Which You Need and Why

If you don't have room for a bulky canoe or kayak or just want something a little smaller for weekend fishing trips then fishing inflatables are a great way to go. When it comes to fishing inflatables you're basically down to deciding between a pontoon or a float tube; both have advantages and disadvantages. Here we'll go over what each style of fishing inflatable offers and why you'd want one over the other, or both. Read More ...

What Does a Pontoon Offer?


Pontoons are great for the fisherman who wants to get out on the water without dragging an entire canoe or kayak with them. If you have a lot of gear you might consider getting a larger pontoon that will support everything you need. Some pontoons will even accommodate small trolling motors to get you around easier. Pontoons also offer a place for you to strap down your gear so it won't get lost. You’ll also sit up out of the water in a pontoon, so if the thought of being out half submerged in the lake doesn't appeal to you then it might be a good idea to look at pontoons. One of the other main advantages to pontoons is that you have the option to use oars to help move you around; using oars gives you more control over where you are going and how quickly you can get there.

The main disadvantages to pontoons primarily relate to how much more bulky and expensive they are compared to float tubes. If you plan on hiking in to a lake then a pontoon might not be the best bet. Storage should also be considered when thinking about buying a pontoon. You won't be able to break the pontoon down as easily as you might a float tube. Pontoons are often much more expensive than float tubes ranging from a few hundred dollars on up.

What Does a Float Tube Offer?

float tube

Float tubes are great for anyone who is worried about space or wants something they can pack in to their destination. Float tubes range in price from under a hundred dollars on up and really appeal to budget conscious fishermen. Float tubes are also great for those that like to be out in the element, you'll find yourself hanging out in the water a little more than if you were using a pontoon. Storage with a float tube is a breeze as they break down to compact sizes; you won't need a trailer or roof rack to carry one of these with you. Many float tubes have large pockets where you can store your gear and keep it safe and out of the water.

Float tubes do have some drawbacks; if you aren't very active then you might think real hard before buying a float tube. You'll need to get fins to go along with your waders when you're in a float tube because it's the only way to get around. Float tubes also have a lower weight capacity when compared to pontoons, so you might need to trim down the gear that you plan on bringing with you.

Which Do You Choose?

First, you need to ask yourself where and how you plan on fishing. If you want to hike in then a float tube might be right for you, if you like the idea of sitting up a little higher or using oars to conveniently move yourself around then a pontoon could be the right fit. Another thing to consider is how much you plan on spending and how much storage space you have. If you have limited space and a limited budget then a float tube might be the right choice for you. You'll have to leg it out to get to where you want on the lake, but float tubes are economical both in price and in storage space. Pontoons are a little pricier and a little bulkier so you'll need more room for storage and a little more from your wallet. Both are great options for fisherman who are looking for an easy and economical way to get out on the lake.

Float Tubes & Pontoons

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