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Why You're Missing Out on Winter Fishing

As the frigid air from the north settles in over most of the country many fisherman pack up their tackle boxes and put them away for the winter; while others look forward to getting out on a frozen lake and doing some ice fishing. It's easy to forget that there is good fishing to be had in many rivers and lakes that have yet to freeze over. Late autumn and winter are actually some of the best times to get out and go fishing. If you're not afraid of a little cold weather, then you can end up having the whole river or lake to yourself. Trout feed year round, so why not get out there and take advantage of some of the best fishing of the year. Read More ...

Get Prepared

When you plan your winter fishing trip you're probably going to want to avoid getting out on the water unless you're fishing tailwater or a spring creek. You'll get very cold quickly and might not end up having the best time. To avoid this, try watching the weather patterns and plan fishing trips on warmer days. Also, unless you're new to the concept of winter, you're going to want to have everything you need to stay warm and dry. So bring a good coat, hat, gloves and be sure to layer up.

Winter Fishing Tactics

One of the best ways to get into winter fishing is to start fishing tailwaters; these are rivers that flow from dams. Tailwaters typically have more consistent water temperatures and are generally warmer than other rivers. Fishing tailwaters is also a better bet as the warmer water temperatures will lead to increased activity among the trout.

If you're fly fishing then be sure to bring along a lot of nymphs. You won't see many fish coming up to the surface looking for a meal; winter fishing is done almost exclusively under the surface of the water. Trout also like to hide out in slower water and deeper pools, they school up in these deep pools to conserve energy and hang out in the slower water. Often times the key to having a good day out on the river during winter is finding and fishing these deep pools.

So while many fishermen are packing things up for the winter and breaking out their skis, you can head out and take advantage of being the only one out on the river. Next time you start getting cabin fever, check the weather report for the next warming trend and plan out a trip to get back on the river to catch some fish.