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Fixed vs. Folding Hunting Knives

When it comes to hunting knives you have two choices: fixed for folding? There are pros and cons to each style of knife and it comes down to the task at hand, how much the knife will be used and user preference. There is merit to both styles of knife; here are some of the key differences and suggested uses for each style: Read More ...


With a fixed blade knife you have a solid piece of steel that runs the length of the blade and continues through the handle. A fixed blade knife is going to stand up to a lot more wear and tear compared to its folding counterpart. If you have a heavy duty job like a field dressing then you'll want to have a knife that you can trust when you really put some weight on it. Fixed blades are very durable but can be bulky. Often fixed blade knives are stored in a leather or nylon sheath that can be attached to the belt.


Folding knives come in various styles, but they all include a blade that folds in on the handle of the knife for convenience. The main advantage of folding knives is that they are more portable and convenient than fixed blades. By folding the blade into the handle, these knives are often considered to be safer than fixed blade knives as well. If you are looking for a knife that you can use as a general purpose knife, or you want something that is both safe and convenient then a folding knife is a great choice.

Fishing Packs

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Umpqua Ledges 650 Waist Pack

Sale: $79.97
Reg:  $129.99
Fishpond Flint Hills Lumbar Pack

Sale: $39.97 - $54.99
Reg: $54.95 - $54.99
Umpqua Ledges 500 Waist Pack

5.0 out of 5
Read Reviews (1)

Sale: $59.97
Reg:  $99.99
Umpqua Surveyor 1100 Backpack

Sale: $99.97 - $129.97
Reg:  $179.99
Umpqua Overlook 500 Chest Pack

Sale: $59.97
Reg:  $99.99
Allen UltraLite Fishing Chest Pack

3.0 out of 5
Read Reviews (2)

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Items 1- 22 of 22      1