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First Bite Jigs The Art of the Jig Steelhead DVD

First Bite Jigs The Art of the Jig Steelhead DVD



First Bite Jigs The Art of the Jig Steelhead DVD -Imagine walking down to a beautiful river with your steelhead rod rigged up with a float and jig. On your first cast the float goes down river about ten feet and disappears. You set the hook, feel the weight of a heavy fish, and see the bright silver flash under the water. Fish on! Now imagine getting it all caught on film. That’s our opening winter steelhead action scene and it only gets better from there.

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First Bite Jigs The Art of the Jig Steelhead DVD - This DVD is about much more than just catching fish. While sitting at the vise this DVD shows how to tie dynamic winter and summer steelhead jig patterns using only the basic tools necessary. They go into elaborate detail explaining tying techniques using environmentally friendly solid brass beads with schlappen and hackle feathers that are palmered onto the hook shank. By following my intricate instructions, you’ll be able to tie jigs that look great both in the vise and in the water. Over a six month time frame they filmed both winter and summer steelhead in various water conditions from emerald green to gin clear. This DVD explains how to read the water and where fish are likely to hold. It also discuss how to rig up your float and jig for these diverse situations. Watch as multiple winter steelhead take the very jigs that were just tied. From the bobber down to the fish being released it’s all captured on film. When it’s time to target the allusive summer steelhead they discuss how to approach the river and which tactics are best for low, clear water situations. They show how to sight fish for steelhead and explain how to set up your rigging. Observe on different occasions as bright fish are spotted in gin clear water and then caught on the first cast using simple jig patterns. Filmed in beautiful scenic conditions we capture the passion for steelhead and all of their beauty.

  • DVD format
  • Running time 58:09

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