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Federal Fusion 300 WSM 165gr Rifle Ammo

Federal Fusion® Rifle Ammo - This bullet is electrochemically joined from pure copper to an intense pressure-formed core. This will ensure optimum performance and high energy on impact. The Fusion technology gives this bullet the maximum in weight retention. Weight retention allows the bullet to power through big game in a big way.

  • 165 Grains
  • 3,100 FPS
  • 3,521 Foot Pounds of Energy
  • High weight retention
  • Molecular bonding for perfectly uniform jacket
  • 20 rounds per box

Jerry of Colorado Springs, CO - February, 06 2014:

EXCELLENT ammo. I reload. I have tried NUMEROUS bullets, powder, and mixed loads, but cannot match the accuracy that I obtained with this Fusion 165 grain ammo. I drew a once-in-a-lifetime NM desert sheep tag and sought out the "perfect" reload... but ended up using this inexpensive factory ammo instead. And sure enough, one shot at 250 yards and it was four feet in the air with a B&C record book ram.

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